Wang Xiaodan is an outstanding alumnus of Hainan Open University (Hainan OU) and a National Model Worker from Sanya, a seaside city.

Huang Yunna, honoured as outstanding alumnus of Xi’an Open University and National Model Worker, is a weaver who has woven her own life with accomplishments.

Lin Zeyin, a deputy to the Beichen District People's Congress and secretary of the General Party Branch of Baocui Huadu Community, is also a National Advanced Individual in the Fight Against Covid-19, a National March-8th Red-banner Pacesetter, and a Top 100 National Ordinary-citizen Learning Star. More importantly, she is an intimate daughter of the community's elderly, and "an angel older sister" of all its residents.

She is a fragrant “Chinese cliff-side plum flower”; a “snow lotus” growing in the mountains in every season; a “white angel” of her work unit. Her name is Mei Lian, and she was a student in the 2000 class of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps branch of the OUC.

He shuttled back and forth, contacting enterprises to promote care for the elderly, while collecting funds to help students. He listened to public opinion and strengthened infrastructure construction, promoting public transportation and water conservation. He put to use the collective strengths of villagers to help them shake of poverty.