Xu Mingming has been teaching for nearly 20 years and has been a class supervisor in open education for eight, leading a total of 31 classes and 935 students.

Being a class supervisor is hard and repetitive, but fills her with happiness.

Shang Hongru has been working at Shandong Open University since 2004 as a class supervisor.

Her work shows her belief in distance education and lifelong learning, and her desire to do her best as a “guide” of student growth.

As a class supervisor, she is very popular with students; as a subject teacher, she is professional and responsible, with a "student-centred, service-oriented" focus. She is Wang Caiyan from Shenzhen RTVU.

Sun Jiangtao started working as a specialised Social Work instructor in the Faculty of Political Science and Law at the Open University of China in July 2011. He was named an associate professor in 2019.

Zhang Xia, who joined the Open University of China (OUC) in 2003, is secretary of the CPC Party branch, vice dean, and a full-time teacher in the Faculty of Education.

In 2007, Sun Zhijuan joined the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the Open University of China (OUC), and is currently the deputy director of and a full-time teacher in this department. She mainly researches the design and analysis of mechanical structures, mechanical and electronic engineering, and distance education related to engineering. She is responsible for the undergraduate Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation major at the OUC, and presides over the teaching, resource development, and team operations of seven engineering courses.