Huang Yunna, honoured as outstanding alumnus of Xi’an Open University and National Model Worker, is a weaver who has woven her own life with accomplishments.

Striving for Excellence and Overcoming Difficulties

A farmer’s daughter, Huang Yunna entered the weaving trade after graduating from junior high school.

With a long learning curve, and mostly self-taught on the machines, she had no one to turn to with problems. However, her fearless and independent nature motivated her to face them.

Through hard work and tenacious practice, her production soon doubled that of the other weavers, and eventually she was able to join 40 strands of broken yarn per minute. She even created a rhyme to help teach those new to the trade.

As a result, she has been named a “Model Worker for Operating Skills” in the company twelve years in a row.

In 2012, the company developed new products demanding even higher skill levels. Huang Yunna quickly mastered the new methods of weaving strong twisting cloth and applied them in all workshops, teaching them to her coworkers, most of whom also became backbone workers.

Representative of her Industry and Speaking for her Coworkers

Huang Yunna was elected deputy to the 19th National Congress of the CPC and attended the meeting in the Great Hall of the People where Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, gave a report.

She says that the spirit of the Congress would inspire her to achieve more at work, lead her coworkers to work hard, and contribute to the development of the enterprise.

Huang Yunna is deeply aware of how important industrial workers are in promoting the growth of enterprises, and is familiar with both the sweet and the bitter of their lives. In 2018 she was elected representative to and executive member of the 17th Convention of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, and proposed policy support for the workers in terms of improving their incomes to truly recognise their value and inspire them to strive hard for the high-quality development of their workplaces.

Studying at the OUC for Self-improvement and to Make Contributions

Although Huang Yunna has been a role model in her work, she has often felt her lack of knowledge, and in 2016 enrolled in the Business Administration programme at the OUC’s Xi’an branch. She was named an “OUC Outstanding Alumnus” upon graduation.

Her diligence and intelligence have led to achievement after achievement. As she keeps moving forward, she is truly worthy of the title of “the most beautiful striver of the era”.

By OUC News Network