Working, studying hard, and innovating in Shanghai

In 2007, Hu Zhenqiu left his rural home in northern Anhui and migrated to Shanghai. Lacking education and skills, the job hunt was not easy for him, but luck and perseverance led to him finding work with Shanghai ShenZhou Vehicle Energy Savings & Environmental Protection. Blessed with this opportunity, he vowed to work hard and devote himself to learning, by reading, and by talking with senior workers. In just a few months, he mastered almost all the types of work in the shop: fitting, lathing, grinding, and so on.

“Those were really hard days. But looking back, I see they helped lay a solid foundation for me,” he says.

He took every opportunity to improve himself at work, and in 2011 signed up to study Business Administration at the Open University of China (OUC). He often transcribed key points from the text and could then put them to use, and he progressed quickly through the junior-college and undergraduate programmes.

Remaining committed to front-line work and innovation

As a front-line worker, Hu Zhenqiu understands the importance of innovation in promoting efficiency. He believes that it also requires perseverance and competitiveness, along with studying and thinking hard.

One year, a customer who had ordered three cleaning trucks complained that they were difficult to operate, and requested a return. Hu Zhenqiu left immediately to investigate, and found that they were being used on a construction site, with many trucks transporting sand and gravel. Thick deposits of sand and dust on the road made it difficult for trucks designed for normal road conditions to absorb waste. After observing them for several days, he was able to work with the customer to solve the problems.

The performance of the improved cleaner not only led the customer to change his mind, but also to use the trucks on other sections of road.

Contributing to research and advancing through success at work

Hu Zhenqiu has succeeded by constantly identifying and addressing problems.

He has led over 50 technological-innovation projects, worked on over 10 brainstorming projects, and obtained 14 patents, creating direct benefits of more than RMB 40 million for his company. He has also been named a “Shanghai Top-ten Worker Inventor”, “Craftsman of Shanghai”, “National Youth Expert” and “National Model Worker”, and awarded a “Shanghai May 1st Labour Medal" .

He led the creation of a simplified unloading and dust-suppression technology, a first in China, producing a patented deice that enables sweepers to control dust, reducing airborne particles by more than 90%.

In addition, he and his team used “internet +” technology to create “smart” quality control and management for sanitation vehicles.

“True craftsmanship entails focus and the highest standards.” Hu Zhenqiu says his dream is to become a model of this calling to the nation and the “new era”.

By OUC News Network