At 10:00 A.M. on the morning of March 4th, Xu Mingjun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Open University of China (OUC), delivered the "First Class of the New Semester" through a live video broadcast.

Titled “Inherit the OUC Culture and Forge Ahead on the New Journey to Build a Strong Country,” the session was directed at students, teaching faculty of the OUC, and the general public. This event marked the beginning of the spring semester for the 2024 school year.

Xu Mingjun reviewed the OUC's 45-year history of development, highlighting its robust efforts to deeply integrate information technology with education. This approach has broadened access to quality education via modern information technology. The OUC is dedicated to creating "a university without walls" and "a university in the clouds," significantly contributing to the development of a learning-oriented society that encourages lifelong learning for everyone.

Xu Mingjun discussed the significance and value of the OUC culture, highlighting that over 45 years of development, the university has embraced an educational philosophy centred on "openness, responsibility, quality, diversity, and internationalization." It has also adopted the motto “respecting learning and making it universally beneficial, providing education for all without distinctions.” This approach has cultivated a culture of perseverance, characterized by "firm belief, vigorous implementation, proactive responsibility, overcoming tough difficulties and challenges, sincere unity, and strict self-discipline.” The university's achievements are attributed to the generations of OUC faculty and students who have embraced the OUC spirit, upheld its culture, and advanced through collective efforts. He urged OUC students to take inspiration from distinguished alumni, to be lifelong learners who seek knowledge and strive for progress through self-reliance and achievement, and to aspire to extraordinary accomplishments in their ordinary learning lives.

Xu Mingjun emphasised that the culture of the OUC is not just a layered buildup of history but also a driving force for future growth. He passionately called on the students of the OUC to set high aspirations, nurture a sense of patriotism, enhance their moral integrity, prepare for challenges, and commit wholeheartedly. He urged them to be bold in moving forward and to master essential skills. He encouraged them to stand strong in times of trouble, confront dangers head-on, and aim to be pioneers, trailblazers, and significant contributors to the nation's progress.

The headquarters, branches, schools, and study centres of the OUC were proactive in coordinating their teachers and students to tune into the "First Class of the New Semester" online. They utilized a variety of internet platforms including, People's Daily Online, CCTV, the OUC WeChat official account, the OUC Learning Network, and the OUC Lifelong Education Platform for this purpose. Nearly 1.76 million individuals participated by watching the live broadcast of the class.

After class, the teachers and students actively shared their feelings and exchanged their gains.

Feelings Shared through Calligraphy Works by Zhang Zongshou, a Teacher from Hubei Branch

The faculty members stated that the "First Class of the New Semester" is not only an essential component of OUC's introductory education but also a significant strategy for the university to fulfill its core mission of fostering virtue through education. It further enhances the students' comprehension of the university's educational ethos, reinforces their ideals and beliefs, and nurtures patriotism. The students mentioned that the "First Class of the New Semester" is not merely an intellectual feast but also a spiritual initiation, which has aided them in better understanding their collective responsibility for heritage and innovation as members of the OUC. They are committed to advancing, seeking progress, and contributing to a new chapter in the journey towards the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Teachers and Students Across the OUC System Nationwide Attending the "First Class of the New Semester" Together