The Open University of China (OUC) held a grand learning event called "Telling Stories about Reading and Becoming Progressive Youth” on 4 May 2023.

Vice president Li Song delivered a speech on the occasion, which was organised in part to promote the thematic education campaign on studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. It was also held following guidance issued at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to encourage everyone to read, and is also in line with the requirements of the Leading Party Group of the Ministry of Education’s "Reading Action" initiative. The aim of the event was to develop an atmosphere of "loving reading, reading good books and reading effectively among OUC youth”.

The OUC has organised joint learning activities to celebrate May 4th Youth Day for three consecutive years. During this period, it has told stories about "fighting the COVID-19 epidemic", "Party History" and "Rural Revitalization," which all received positive a response. Seven books on General Secretary Xi Jinping were selected for this year's event. Youth representatives from the OUC Headquarters and its branches in Shaanxi, Hebei, Xiamen, Fujian, Zhejiang and Shanghai told stories about the places President Xi has worked, interpreting the beliefs, ambitions, aspirations and practices of OUC youth and providing their own experiences and insight.


Vice president Li said the enthusiasm of OUC teachers and students for reading has been fully aroused, and a rich atmosphere of reading and learning has been established by inviting representatives of OUC youths to share their stories and insights. He said he hoped young teachers and students from the OUC can maintain an enthusiasm for and draw wisdom from reading as well as nurture spiritual strength and bravely shoulder the mission of the times. He said this would allow them to contribute their wisdom to building the OUC into a world-class open university, and gather powerful and youthful forces for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The event was broadcast through various platforms, such as the OUC's cloud classroom, the OUC’s online live classroom, the OUC Lifelong Education Platform and CCTV. The live viewership reached 800,000 people. The event fully showcased the learning outcomes and practical achievements of OUC youth in studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. It encouraged young OUC teachers and students to carry on the fine traditions of Chinese culture and advanced socialist culture. It also called on them to unite and become firm believers and loyal practitioners of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era by transforming the results of learning into a strong force to forge ahead on a new journey.

The event was co-organised by the OUC’s Department of Student Affairs and Teacher Development, the General Office of the Party Committee, the Department of News and Public Information, the Learning Resources Department (Digital Library), the Labour Union, the Youth Committee, and the Youth League Committee. The students and teachers of the OUC educational system participated in the activity, both online and offline.

Liu Wanru, a young teacher from the Student Affairs Department of the Shaanxi Branch Party Committee: Thoughts on Reading Xi Jinping's Seven Years as an Educated Youth


Yang Zi, a young teacher at the Platform Management Centre of Hebei Branch’s Hebei Cadre Online College: Rereading Xi Jinping's Footstep in Hebei’s Zhengding County to Trace the Origins of the New Development Concept

Nie Huixia, a student majoring in Business Administration at the Xiamen Branch: Insights from Reading Xi Jinping in Xiamen

Lei Xintian, a young teacher from Fujian Branch's College of Literature and Economics: Going to East Fujian with Original Aspirations and Passing on Affections of the Mountains and Waters as well as of the People

Chen Yinan, a student from Zhejiang Branch’s Open Education College: Learning from Xi Jinping’s Practice in Zhejiang Province to Be a Youth Going Ahead

Chai Shanshan, an outstanding alumna of the Shanghai Branch: Forging Ahead on a New Journey and Guiding the New Era—Reflections on Reading Xi Jinping in Shanghai

Wang Shaoyu, a young teacher from the General Office of the Party and Administration/President’s Office of the OUC Headquarters: Singing for the New Journey of China's Development with the Voice of the OUC Youth


By Yi Xin, OUC