The International Department is an active and integral unit of the Open University of China (OUC). It plays a pivotal role in implementing state foreign policies and handles international affairs on behalf of the university.

This department is primarily tasked with planning, organising, and executing various aspects of international cooperation and exchange initiatives for the OUC. It also coordinates these international exchanges across the OUC system.

A key focus of the International Department is to align with the university's core missions, thereby expanding collaborative outreach projects. It engages in international cooperation and exchanges across a wide range of fields and through diverse formats. Part of its responsibility includes providing insights into global trends in open and distance education. Additionally, the department is dedicated to enhancing the OUC's overall educational capabilities through extensive academic exchanges. This approach is aimed at boosting the OUC's international presence and solidifying its position in the global sphere of open and distance education.

The International Department currently consists of two main offices: the General Office and the Project Management Office.