On 29 August 2023, the 2023 China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week (CAECW) was inaugurated in Guizhou. During the meeting, the establishment of the ASEAN-China Digital Education Alliance was announced.

The establishment of the ASEAN-China Digital Education Alliance represents a significant step in implementing the outcomes of the Third China-ASEAN Education Ministers' Roundtable Conference. The initial cohort of alliance members includes nearly 60 applicants, encompassing a diverse range of schools and educational institutions from countries such as China, Malaysia, and Singapore. The secretariat for the alliance is housed at the Open University of China (OUC).

Dr. Paulina Pannen, M.L.S., of Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia (Indonesian Open University), advocates for increased collaborative research and publications in the field of digital education. The goal is to foster innovative solutions to prevailing challenges. Within the framework of the Alliance, it is anticipated that students, teachers, and researchers will engage in dialogue and exchange perspectives to deepen mutual understanding across different regions.

Yang Cuimei, head of the International Department at Open University Malaysia, believes that the Alliance significantly contributes to technological innovations, including artificial intelligence. These advancements benefit individuals across various age groups, locations, and industries through digitalisation.

The Alliance has established three working teams focused on higher education, vocational education, and basic education, as well as three specialised committees dedicated to policy, research, and technology. The member countries of the Alliance will collaborate in key areas, including the enhancement of cooperative research in digital education, the mutual development and sharing of high-quality digital educational resources, and the advancement of regional standards for digital education.

Wang Qiming, Party secretary of the OUC: Our vision is to establish the ASEAN-China Digital Education Alliance as a multinational platform for digital education services and cooperation. This will allow learners in both China and ASEAN countries to access high-quality educational resources and lifelong learning opportunities in a cost-effective and flexible manner. In doing so, we aim to accelerate the digital transformation of education across these nations and pioneer innovative paradigms in digital education.


Reprinted by the OUC News Network from app.cctvnews.cctv.com