To support the significant mandate set forth during the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to promote reading, and to aid in creating a society and country of learning where lifelong learning is pursued by all, the Open University of China (OUC), also known as the Seniors University of China (SUC), announced 10 major reading initiatives for 2024 in celebration of the 29th World Book Day.

This initiative encourages all teachers and students within the OUC system to embrace books as their constant companions and to value their reading time through a variety of nationwide activities scheduled throughout the year. By fostering a robust reading culture, this effort aims to empower every OUC member to contribute towards building a leading country in education and culture.

I. Action for "Reading Campus" Construction

To support the "Reading Campus" initiative, themed book exhibitions and book donation events are being organised. Additionally, online channels for book recommendations and purchases have been established, along with access to literature databases. These efforts are in line with the objectives to promote reading among all individuals and to contribute to the initiative of fostering a love for reading in China through the development of “Reading Campus”.

II. Solicitation for “Showcasing Reading Charm"

The themed event "Reading and Growth," organised and recommended by the branches and schools of the OUC education system, collects stories of reading and personal development from its 5 million teachers and students. This initiative aims to showcase the transformative power of reading, highlight its most avid proponents, and foster a culture within the OUC system where reading is a way of life. The ultimate goal is to enable individuals to discover a more beautiful self and a more beautiful world through the habit of reading.

III. Guided Reading by "OUC Reading Leaders”

The event centres on the theme "making friends with books and enjoying life through reading." Leaders and curators from 45 OUC branches are invited to recommend a good book, share their insights on reading, and set examples for effective reading. This initiative aims to foster a strong culture of "love for reading, choosing good books, and reading effectively" within the entire OUC system.

IV. Young Teachers Reading Together

40 outstanding young teachers from the OUC education system are being organised to each recommending a book and participate in 40 online book clubs around themes such as lifelong learning, learning-oriented organisations, distance education, team building, teacher development, research methods, reading and writing, and self-improvement. This initiative aims to promote collective reading and thinking for mutual growth, and to facilitate the development of a high-quality, professional new teacher workforce.

V Action for Grassroots Digital Library Construction

50 training sessions are being held to enhance the use of digital library applications, empowering teachers and students to access a wealth of high-quality resources effectively. A variety of measures, including online lectures, a series of micro-courses, and offline training, are implemented to bridge the last mile of basic services in digital libraries. The construction of libraries and reading rooms at 10 teaching points is being supported. Additionally, guidance and support in terms of books and resources are provided to grassroots teaching points with relatively weak educational conditions, including those in key counties requiring assistance.

VI. Reading Activities for the Elderly

Renowned teachers and scholars are invited to participate in the "reading and reciting together" activity featuring classic works within the SUC education system. New features such as book recommendations, reading attendance, recitation broadcasts, and forums for sharing have been added to the elderly reading zone on the National Public  Platform for Elderly education. These additions create a diverse and interactive reading space, enabling the elderly to experience the charm of reading and appreciate the beauty of the classics surrounded by books.

VII. New Books for Reading Zones on Three Major Learning Platforms

Based on the reading zones of the OUC Learning Network, the Lifelong Education Platform, and the National Education Platform for the Elderly, over 3,000 new books have been added, bringing a total to more than 10,000. Serving a user base of 30 million, these platforms are now open to the public. Catering to students in degree programmes, working adults, and the elderly, different recommendation matrices have been developed. These feature "top-tier books" and "exquisite courses" recommendations, with regular updates to provide readers with high-quality, personalized learning resources.

VIII. Promotion of “Chinese Cultural Master Classes”

In collaboration with Sanlian Reading, a public welfare promotion activity is being launched, featuring a series of masterclasses led by notable scholars from the history of the OUC, including Wang Li, Qi Gong, Tan Qixiang, Ren Jiyu, Ye Jiaying, and Qian Shaowu. This initiative aims to explore the spiritual essence of Chinese civilization by integrating knowledge, ideology, academics, and materials, drawing on the teachings of these esteemed masters.

IX. Live Streaming of National Reading Campaign

Experts, scholars, and reading advocates are invited to participate in live streaming events for teachers, students of the OUC (SUC), and the general public. These sessions will feature discussions on reading insights and personal experiences with reading in everyday life. The goal is to foster virtue through reading and create a vibrant national reading culture.

X. Appreciation and Studying of Films for Political and Ideological Education

An event dedicated to the appreciation and study of films for political and ideological education has been launched in collaboration with the Digital Film Programme Management Centre of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee. This initiative aims to promote traditional Chinese culture, revolutionary culture, and advanced socialist culture. A selection of 80 films will be shared, benefiting millions of teachers and students across Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, and Tibet. The event seeks to enrich educational experiences through cinema, draw spiritual strength from films, nurture the nation's roots and soul, and enlighten the mind while fostering virtue.


By OUC Library (OUC History Museum)