The 13th Sports Meet of the Ministry of Education commenced on 20th April 2024. The first events conducted were the radio gymnastics and the Tai Chi team competitions, in which the OUC teams triumphed with double victories, making a grand entrance to the games.

The team was led by Liu Xuanxuan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of the OUC.

Each of the OUC teams participating in this Sports Meet consisted of 40 members, who had been balancing work and training to prepare for the competitions over the past month. The seasoned players leveraged their experience to improve the quality of new players' movements and adapt quickly to the rhythm of games, enhancing the entire team strength. During the competitions, the teams performed exceptionally well, following standards strictly, in uniform precision, thus winning recognition from both the referees and on-site audience. Ultimately, they were awarded the first prizes for both events. The victory showcased the OUC faculty and staff's outstanding spirit of unity, tenacity, and perseverance.

The OUC highly regarded the importance of this Ministry of Education Sports Meet, with members of the university’s leadership team taking part in multiple events, inspiring all faculty and staff members to participate in the Games and igniting a passion for physical fitness across the entire institution. Many OUC teachers and staff members stated that through extensive participation in a wide range of sports, they became physically strengthened, as well as mentally honed, which helped them provide satisfactory answers to the two major propositions of the new era surrounding "A leading country in education: The OUC's role" and "Relationship of open education with the learning society".

Radio Gymnastic Competition

Tai Chi Competition


By OUC Publicity Department