The SUC Exhibition on Teaching Achievements and the Special Spring Festival Show for 2024 were broadcast on the evening of 7 February on Channel 1 of China Education Television.

They were also simultaneously live-streamed on People's Daily Online, China Media Group Mobile,,, Youku, iQIYI, Douyin, Bilibili, as well as the learning platforms of the Seniors University of China (SUC), the Open University of China (OUC), and the OUC Lifelong Education Platform.

The theme of this exhibition, "In the Name of Youth," is divided into four chapters, featuring a total of 22 programmes. The performances spanned a diverse range of artistic expressions, including dance, singing, musical instruments, local operas, intangible cultural heritage music, and a fashion show. By skillfully incorporating cultural elements, the event brought together a collection of high-quality works, with participants ranging from the elderly and middle-aged to youths and children, all sharing the stage to present a warm and harmonious audiovisual feast. These performances not only showcased the teaching achievements of the SUC but also embodied its educational ethos of promoting "virtue, lifelong learning, health, happiness, and accomplishment." Moreover, they highlighted the institution's commitment to principles that facilitate lifelong learning, happiness, care, and accomplishment for older adults.

The exhibition was organised by the SUC, China Education Television, and the Central Academy of Drama, with the support of the preparatory office of the Xi'an Academy of Drama. This innovative approach aims to promote the high-quality development of education for the elderly, in alignment with the implementation of the directives from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on enhancing services for the elderly in the new era, as well as the “Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Developing the Silver Economy to Improve the Well-Being for the Elderly.” This initiative marks an important step for the SUC in actively fulfilling its historical mission, establishing itself as a primary channel for elderly education, a significant force in promoting proactive health maintenance, and a driving force in the development of the silver economy.

Brilliant Moments

Sending Blessings in the Year of Dragon

Song: Let's Row the Oars

Song and Dance: The Fragrance of a Blooming Tree

Song: Ode to Beijing

Poet Recitation: Waiting

Group Dance: Joyous Rain

A Folk Song of the Dong Ethnic Group: Harmony with Nature

Classic Musical Piece Played on Hulusi: Bamboo under the Moonlight

Song: Playing the Hand Drum and Sing

Song: Oh, Hometown by the Sea

Singing Performance: I'm Retiring Today


Dance: The Floral Dress

Dunhuang Dance: Prayer

Indian Dance: The Colour of Spring

Scenario Performance: Go to  School with Mom

Opera Song: Setting Sail in Struggle

Model Show: the Charm of Blue and White Porcelain

Ode to Youth

Introduction to the Seniors University of China (SUC)

The Seniors University of China (SUC) was inaugurated on 3 March 2023. Over the past year, the development of SUC has been highly productive, with 40 branches established across the country, 55,000 learning points set up at the grassroots level, and a total of 22.14 million students served throughout the system. The National Education Platform for the Elderly has launched 436,000 courses, totaling 4,089,000 minutes, and boasts 2.341 million registered users.

In the future, the SUC will persist in harnessing the collective efforts of its entire education system, pooling resources from across society, and capitalising on the power of digitalisation to create a national platform dedicated to sharing educational resources and public services for the elderly. This initiative will offer resource sharing, teaching guidance, and public services to various senior universities nationwide, encouraging the principles of "cultivating virtue, pursuing lifelong learning, actively maintaining health, embracing a joyful life, and achieving positive accomplishments" among the elderly. It aims to serve as a model and leader in the innovative development of education for seniors.