As the sixth Science Festival (2023), hosted by the China Academy of Sciences, commenced, OUC joined forces to initiate the "Popular Science Lectures by Academicians."

This series spotlights a rich tapestry of scientific subjects interwoven with cultural and artistic elements. Throughout the festival, a variety of vibrant events were hosted by organisations under the auspices of the China Academy of Sciences. These events provided the public with access to the latest scientific and technological advancements, facilitating direct engagement with leading scientists, fueling curiosity at the cutting edge of knowledge, and connecting everyday life to the future through the lens of science.


To engage the public with more enriching popular science content, we're excited to launch a special online event for the festival titled “Popular Science Lectures by Academicians.” This initiative invites esteemed academicians to deliver lectures on a variety of captivating subjects such as the evolution of life on Earth, human interaction with the seas, volcanoes, underwater acoustic technology, nuclear fusion, the digital economy, crop domestication, paleontology, and precision medicine, among others. These lectures are designed not only to introduce the public to the innovative outcomes of cutting-edge technologies but also to demystify fundamental scientific concepts by presenting both theories and principles in an accessible manner. With its diverse and engaging content, the event creates a dynamic platform for dialogue and knowledge exchange between academicians, experts, and the general public. This allows everyone to experience the allure of science more profoundly.                      

The lectures are scheduled to be broadcast on the following platforms: China Media Group Mobile, OUC's official Bilibili account, and the OUC Light Classroom on WeChat Channels. You are welcome to join us.