Lin Fen works as an engineer at the Storage and Transportation Centre of Benxi Iron and Steel Group. She enrolled in the OUC undergraduate accounting programme at Benxi Branch School of Liaoning Radio and TV University.

She was always strict with herself in terms of her learning obligations. She arranged her time and neglected neither work nor study. She performed her duties, respected the teachers, united her classmates, actively assisted the class tutors in completing all tasks, and helped her classmates solve the challenges they met in their learning. She never missed a face-to-face tutorial. Lin Fen listened to the teachers carefully in class, finished and handed in all the assignments given by the teachers in time, and achieved good results. She held positive exchanges with her classmates, helped them to smooth away difficulties in life and learning, and set a good example for them. Lin Fen worked hard to fulfill her duties at her job and made the factory her home, as well as putting the theoretical knowledge she had gained into practice during her work. Thanks to her study at the RTVU, Lin Fen mastered new technology, improved her efficiency, and won the recognition of her leaders and colleagues. She was awarded titles such as “advanced individual”, “advanced worker”, “Role Model for March 8th Red Banner Holders”, and “Outstanding Communist Party Member” on several occasions.