Ji Hui is a community worker. To better serve her community, she enrolled in the OUC junior college programme in administration management at Nianzishan Branch School of Heilongjiang Radio and TV University in autumn 2014.

Over the next two years she worked hard and was recognised by her teachers and classmates. She was named a “2014 Excellent Student of Open Education” by the school and qualified to apply for a scholarship. Ji Hui was able to put what she learnt to good use. She conducted a household survey with her colleagues via questionnaire by unifying the grass-root service platform of the community labour and social security service station, and obtained basic data about the community, such as total households, population, unemployment and employment, and so on. Based on these data, better work plans were made and implemented, and all jobs were carried out in an orderly way. In addition, she improved her computer proficiency during her RTVU studies. She entered the information of each household into the system, which made all the household information immediately available for reference. During her studies she also came to understand the importance of team management. She released information and data on the community WeChat platform created by her colleagues and conducted timely and accurate communications with the residents.