Zhang Wenjie works for Lanzhou Municipality Public Security Fire Brigade, Gansu Province.

He enrolled in the administration management major of the OUC junior college programme at the Experimental School of Gansu Radio and TV University in 2015. During his RTVU studies, he was diligent and inquisitive. In class, he was attentive and modest. He responded well to teaching and worked hard to improve his professional knowledge; in his spare time, he took an active part in school activities, and held positive communications and exchanges with his teachers and schoolmates, learning from each other for common progress. As a result, he was recognised by both his teachers and his classmates, and was elected class monitor. He got an average result of over 80 marks for all of his courses at the end of the term, ranking top of the class. Whatever position he was in, he positively devoted himself to his work and used rational working methods. He continued to improve his ability by putting what he had learned in the RTVU into practice, for which he was praised by both leaders and colleagues. Zhang Wenjie was honoured with the third prize from the Lanzhou Municipality Public Security Fire Brigade in March 2016.