Bai Bing works at Minghua Kindergarten in Sunan County, Zhangye City, Gansu Province.

She is an excellent kindergarten teacher. She enrolled in the major in pre-school education (for pre-school teachers) of the OUC undergraduate programme at Zhangye Branch School of Gansu Radio and TV University in September 2014. During her studies, she was highly motivated and responsible, and aspired to improve her basic professional knowledge through learning. She had the courage to accept criticism and engage in self-criticism, and was never afraid of hardships and tiredness. With a correct attitude to study, she achieved a good work-life balance. At the same time, she earnestly finished the assignments for all of her subjects and handed them in on time. Before the final term examinations, she did serious revision and fully prepared herself, and achieved an average mark of 82.1 for compulsory courses and 82.7 for other courses. After more than a year of RTVU studies, she knew how to observe the behaviour of young children and conduct relevant analysis. She learned about scientific child care in kindergartens and the implementation skills of education. A comparison showed that she had made clear progress and improvement in her professional knowledge and skills after studying at the RTVU.