On 29 April 2024, the 13th Staff Sports Meet of the Ministry of Education (MOE) was held at the National Olympic Sports Centre in Beijing.

The Open University of China (OUC) achieved remarkable success once again, securing the third place in team total score with an impressive score of 496.2 points and winning the Excellent Organisation Award. The university leaders, including Wang Qiming, secretary of the Party Committee and president of the OUC, took an active part in the competition.

In this sports meet, the OUC sent 176 individuals to participate in 22 team and individual events. Regarding the individual events, there were 8 first-place winners, 11 second-place winners, 9 third-place winners, 9 fourth-place winners, 4 fifth-place winners, 5 sixth-place winners, 4 seventh-place winners, and 5 eighth-place winners. For the team events, the OUC claimed the first prizes in the 9th set of radio gymnastics and in simplified Tai Chi (24 forms). They earned the second places in football shooting and third places in basketball spot shooting, 1 minute 8-shaped long rope skipping, and soft darts. The OUC’s men’s team took first place in the 4 x100m relay, while the women’s team secured fourth place.

The OUC’s Party Committee attached great importance to the sports meet and carefully organised staff participation. It also received strong support and cooperation from various departments and university enterprises. The faculty and staff demonstrated courage, unity, and cooperation on the field, alongside well-organised and orderly coordination off the field, showcasing the enthusiastic spirit and dedication of the OUC members. The school extends its heartfelt congratulations to all athletes for their outstanding performance!


Participating in this sports meet not only enriched the cultural life of the faculty and staff but also inspired them to contribute with more passion and physical strength towards accelerating the construction of a strong education system and running education practices that meet people’s expectations. Through practical actions and exceptional results, they joyfully celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

By Yi Xin, OUC