Zhao Fuqin now works at Zunyi Yuchang Auto Trading Co., Ltd. She enrolled in the accounting major of the OUC junior college open education programme at Zunyi Branch School of Guizhou Radio and TV University in 2014.

She worked hard and took an active part in each lecture. She listened to the teacher carefully and finished every assignment. In addition to placing strict demands on herself, she also actively engaged in exchange and communication with her classmates. Although many RTVU students are on-the-job learners with a heavy existing work load, she effectively managed the challenges facing her, paid attention to the QQ group set up by the school, completed all the learning tasks set by the teacher, and achieved good results. She was diligent and serious in her work and had good organisational skills. She was enthusiastic in all kinds of company activities and was ready to help her colleagues. She frequently exchanges ideas with her colleagues and has a strong sense of group honour and responsibility. Due to her outstanding work performance, Zhao Fuqin was selected as a “2014 Excellent Worker”.