About SCOLA:

US SCOLA is a non-profit educational organization that receives and re-transmits TV programmes from over 140 countries around the world in more than 170 languages. Schools and professional institution users across North America, South America and the Caribbean can access programmes via the Internet, satellite and closed-circuit TV systems.

SCOLA is accessible to 20 million viewers worldwide. Its 11 websites provide visitors with a diverse range of language-training resources. Primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, TV stations, government-run language-training institutions and individuals globally are able to broadcast TV news and language-teaching programmes. More than 400 colleges and universities and 7,000 secondary schools in the US can access SCOLA programmes. There are currently eight SCOLA satellite TV channels, among which the third is an all-Chinese-language-teaching channel.

Collaboration with the OUC:

The State Council Information Office and the Ministry of Education  (formerly known as the National Education Commission) launched SCOLA’s all-Chinese-language-teaching channel in 1996. The former National Education Commission entrusted China Central Radio and TV University’s (CCRTVU) Chinese Language Centre to take charge of the organization, production and broadcasting of programmes on the channel. CCRTVU also works with relevant departments to promote Chinese-language learning and proficiency tests (HSK) in the US, and to carry on related research.

Currently, SCOLA’s all-Chinese-language-teaching channel airs a one-hour current affairs programme and five hours of Chinese-language learning programmes throughout the day. The channel presently consists of seven segments, namely The Chinese Classroom, Dramas of the Orient, Art Paradise, China Chronicle, Toonblast, Chinese Kitchen, and Tour China.

The OUC Chinese Language Centre has also diversified its research and development of multi-media Chinese-language teaching resources to broaden their appeal. Products for Chinese-language learning include China Panorama, Easy Chinese, Exploring Chinese Culture, Time to Talk Chinese family series, Journey through China, Working with Chinese, and more. In 2010, the OUC Chinese Language Centre consolidated nearly 20 pledges for cooperation, signed five cooperation agreements and followed up and maintained about 20 joint projects.

Currently, the OUC Chinese Language Centre is actively pursuing new avenues for cooperation and development focused on the “MyEChinese distance Chinese -language teaching system.” This comprises different parts, such as online learning, online interactive learning, offline classroom learning and mobile learning. The three key modules of this programme are Easy Chinese-Language Learning (http://s.myechinese.com), Easy Chinese-Language Teaching (http://t.myechinese.com/) and  Easy School  (http://i.myechinese.com).