“In the beginning, I wanted to quit. It was the teachers who encouraged me to build my confidence… Thanks to this learning experience, I have changed my outlook on life. Whatever your competence is, attitude is the key.” This was a message left by Shi Lingling, a degree education student, after she completed the online core course for Computer Assisted English Teaching and Learning in the 2016 spring term. Shi Lingling is from the tutorial centre of  the Yuncheng Branch School of Shanxi Radio and TV University.

When society needed a large number of medical employees, she personally took on the task of establishing the nursing major and several distance education courses. After the Wenchuan Earthquake, she took the initiative to get in touch with psychologists, and created programmes for post-disaster psychological relief in the shortest possible time. For the past 20 years she has made outstanding contributions to the development of distance education for nursing, the cultivation of on-the-job health personnel at the grassroots level and in remote areas, and the mental health of the public.

There is a department at the Open University of China (OUC) where foreign students come to take classes every month and education workers from all over the world often come to visit. This is the OUC Chinese Language Centre (CLC), staffed by a group of young, enthusiastic female teachers.

At 7:50 in the morning, Zhang Xiaohui, the general manager of the Weikeou Technology Company, entered the office on time and opened a laptop on the desk to start a busy day.

On June 1st and 2nd, 2017, a group consisting Open University of China (OUC) president Yang Zhijian, and vice president Qi Yanwei, went to Qinglong County, Hebei Province, to investigate poverty alleviating educational projects.

From June 2 to 4th, 2017, a seminar on Sharing University Ethnic Theory, Policy Resources & MOOC Construction, hosted by Guangxi University for Nationalities (GXUN), and co-organised by the Open University of China (OUC), Minzu University of China (MUC), and Dalian Minzu University,was convened at GXUN.

From 1-2nd June, 2017, the OUC's 2017 enrolment working conference was held in Qinhuangdao, Hebei province. At the conference, the OUC summarised the enrolment work for spring 2017, deployed the enrolment work for fall 2017, analysed the requirements of MOE's Regulations on Higher Degree of Continuing Education Major Setup, and worked out the thoughts and measures to carry out enrollment management reform.

On 6th June, 2017, the OUC held the teaching reform working conference and put forward the design thoughts, the overall requirements, and key tasks for the recently launched teaching reform work. President of the OUC Yang Zhijian, vice president Liu Chen and Qi Yanwei, as well as all the teaching staff in the teaching department and teaching management department attended the conference. The conference was presided over by Liu Chen.