Is 60 years old an age for living an easy retired life at home, or time to set sail for a new dream? The 62 year-old Jiang Xuhuai chose the latter.

Recently the “Good Books for Children of Military Personnel” series public welfare programme jointly sponsored by OUC’s Bayi School and Chang’an Street Reading Society, China Culture Development Association and organised by New Era Press, China Written Works Copyright Society, Beijing Branch of China Postal Express& Logistics Co., Ltd., Black Knight Security Counselling (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and formally kicked off.

The New Media Consortium (NMC) recently released a forecast of China’s Higher Education Technology for 2017 in a regional report of its Horizon Project.

Teaching and teaching management work at Xi’an RTVU’s Dananmen Study Centre has now fully entered the new mobile learning era thanks to the use of the latest information technology, such as online enrolment, the promotion of mobile learning, and WeChat-based learner support services.

On 9th March, 2017, the 2017 Spring Semester Tutors’ Training Meeting was held in Weigongcun Study Centre of the Experimental School of the Open University of China (OUC). The meeting focused on work planning, exchanges and workshops, with a total of 35 tutors participating.

Rong Jing, a student of the OUC School for the Disabled, class of 2014, majoring in Social Work, and winner of CCTV Sports Personality of Year 2016, recalled her experience at the Rio Olympics: “I’m so lucky to have been accepted by the OUC, which has helped me to realise my university dream. I feel enriched by the knowledge I have accumulated. My academic degree makes me feel more confident and this has exerted a great influence on my training, my competitiveness, and my life as a whole.” Rong Jing was a flag-bearer for the Chinese Paralympic delegation and won three gold medals at the Rio Paralympics.

Editor’s Note:

Tie Feiyan, a student of Educational Law at OUC Yunnan branch in 2010, deputy to the NPC, heroine who jumped into a river to save a drowning worker in Mianyang, Sichuan, she has won many honours including March Eighth Red-Banner Pacesetter at National level, 2010 Network Figure in China Network Stories ● Moving 2010 Event and Chinese University Student of the Year of 2010.

On 8th March 2017, International Women's Day, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions gave awards to advanced female worker groups and individuals around China, including Zhejiang Radio and Television University (Zhejiang RTVU) Alumni Xie Zhifen and Shen Haiyan, who were awarded the honorary title of National May 1st Female Pacesetter.