Editor’s Note: Wang Ying is a Social Work student at the OUC’s Tianjin School for the Disabled. She was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma at birth, but the disability doesn’t prevent her from pursuing knowledge. She is a diligent student, and has continued studying to enhance her knowledge. Thus far, she has completed studies in the Social Work programme, as well as in Chinese Language and Literature, Psychology, Law, and other majors. She is passionate about China, both ancient studies and modern literature, and her love for writing has led to published works. We hope that Wang Ying’s story will inspire more students to pursue their dreams and fully realise their potential.

As a modern distance open university, quality is the lifeline of the Open University of China (OUC). The OUC has always adhered to its core mission of teaching and has integrated the aim of cultivating applied and specialised personnel into quality development and engraved this into its brand.

The 2016 White Paper on Internet-based Learning in China covers various fields of education (e.g. pre-school, elementary, higher, continuing, and vocational education, as well as tutoring and enterprise universities) and education-related, Internet-based enterprises.

In 2013, the Open University of China (OUC) launched a series of special tasks, including the construction of an online core curriculum, the construction of an OUC learning network and application, and the construction of an online teaching team. Solid progress was also made in the reform of the “Six-Network Integration” learner development model. Why did the OUC introduce this reform? What progress has been made and how can the OUC promote its future development? Cheng Gang, deputy director of the OUC’s Learner Support and Student Affairs Centre, elaborated.

On the 28th of December 2016, OUC Working Conference of Bachelor Degree Evaluation Committee for Autumn 2016 was held in Beijing. The two-day conference was the OUC’s first plenary meeting of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee (Committee) since it was authorised as a degree-granting institution and obtained the authority to confer bachelor degrees in twenty-six specialties.

Gansu Education Department recently released the list of winners of the 2016 Teaching Achievement, Teaching Quality Project and Innovative Entrepreneurship Education Project, in which three teaching outcomes from Gansu RTVU received the Teaching Achievement Prize.

The online teaching or learning process does not just take place in pre-arranged sessions. In the traditional classroom model, the teacher and students spend most of their time in the physical classroom engaging in language input, activities, communication, and assessment.

The OUC's Math Teaching Seminar & 1st Plenary Session of the General Assembly of the 5th Chinese Association of Quantitative Economics (CAQE) Distance Education Committee was recently held in Huzhou.