There are three difficulties facing online art education: the clarity of demonstrations, timeliness of interactions, and feasibility of organising group classes. For nearly 30 years, Tang Yingshan, director of Faculty of Art Education at the Open University of China (OUC), has been developing distance art education and seeking solutions to these three problems. He says that the development of the internet and online education have brought these solutions within reach.

The Gansu Provincial Department of Education recently held an exhibition of stories of teachers who possess four ideal teaching qualities, namely positive ideals and beliefs, moral integrity, solid knowledge, and benevolence, at Longyuan. Two teachers from Gansu Radio and Television University (Gansu RTVU), Gu Maochun and Ma Guoyun, were included on the list.

The working conference of the Open University of China (OUC) for the second half of 2018 was held in Beijing from 31 August to 1 September 2018.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) Research Centre for Online Education recently released the results of its selection of 2018 “Demonstration Cases for Online Course Construction and Application.” Online Course Construction and Application from the Perspective of the Integration of Education and Technology: A Practical Exploration of the OUC Network Learning Course compiled by Learning Resources Department of the Open University of China (OUC) was selected as one of the cases.

On 10th September 2018, the Open University of China (OUC) celebrated 2018 Teachers’ Day and held commendation conference for all university leaders, faculty, and staff.

Xiao Jianpeng is from Neijiang, Sichuan Province, and was a Law undergraduate in the 2016 class, obtaining his Bachelor of Law degree in 2018. In August of 2010, after graduating from high school, he enrolled in the military, was given the rank of sergeant, and named boat-navigation squad leader for the Hong Kong garrison. He participated in a series of military exercises, including the first trial voyage of the warship Liaoning, protection of the Xiangjiang River, and joint sea–and-air search-and-rescue. He was named "excellent shooter", "model trainee" and "excellent sergeant".

On 23rd July 2018, the Open University of China (OUC) signed a strategic framework agreement with China Property Management Institute (CPMI). OUC president Yang Zhijian, vice president Liu Chen, CPMI chairman Shen Jianzhong, vice chairman and secretary general Wang Peng, and vice chairman and director of the OUC Learning Outcome Accreditation Centre (Property) Zhou Xinyi attended the signing ceremony.

On 14th July 2018, Shandong Radio and TV University (Shandong RTVU) launched its summer vacation social activities in the targeted village with the theme of “Supporting Poverty-Stricken Villages Through Teaching Aid”.