On 12th July 2018, the 2018 Belt and Road Initiative Industrial Design and Financial Cooperation Seminar hosted by Hebei Radio and Television University (Hebei RTVU) was convened at Integration of Production, Education, and Innovation Mansion at the Heping Road Campus. The topic of the seminar was industrial design, finance, and cooperation in Hebei province. Hundreds of financial officers, scholars, and industrial representatives from more than ten countries along the Belt and Road Initiative, including China, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zambia, Singapore, and Vietnam, participated in the conference.

On the afternoon of 5th July 2018, the inaugural meeting of the Association of Science and Technology and Cultural and Social Science Think Tank was held at Wuhan Radio and TV University (Wuhan RTVU).

12th July 2018 marked the completion ceremony for the online course “Appreciation and Creation of Traditional Chinese Landscape Paintings Moodle Platform”, an exchange and popularisation project from National Arts Fund in partnership with the Open University of China (OUC). The completion ceremony was held by the faculty and students on the project team from the OUC headquarters, Harbin branch, and Xi’an branch.

The 1st OUC English Speaking Contest has come to an end. 38 contestants from 27 OUC branches from all over the nation presented an elegant English-language audio-visual feast.

To help implement the Development Plan for the Elderly Education (2016-2020), address the problem of an aging population, and meet the diverse learning needs of the elderly, the OUC is setting up a pilot Painting and Calligraphy degree programme for older adults. On the morning of5th July, 2018, the first meeting on the construction of this programme was held at the OUC headquarters.

The OUC spring 2018 final exams were held from 7-8th July 2018. 109 examinees from Shulanghu Island, 150 kilometres away from downtown Ningbo, also attended the exams.

In order to promote exchange and cooperation with advanced international educational scientific research institutes in the fields of discipline and major construction, talent training, and academic research in the Open University of China (OUC), expand the international influence of discipline development, and increase opportunities for international cooperation in school running, the OUC has created opportunities to encourage teachers to actively participate in global professional disciplinary conferences since 2018.

Zhu Chao has been a Pre-School Education undergraduate at Panan Radio and Television University (Panan RTVU) in Zhejiang since the spring of 2015, and head of the central kindergarten of Shanghu town, Panan county. Becoming a preschool educator was her childhood dream. Now almost 30, Ms. Zhu has needed only four years to become an excellent kindergarten teacher.