At the Fujian University for Older Adults (UOA), 50,000 students signed up in 2017, 70,000 in 2018, and 160,000 in 2019, with the mobile-registration terminal getting 560,000 hits within the first 2 hours.

The opening ceremony of the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (School of TCM) at the Qingdao branch of the Open University of China (OUC) was held on 19 August, 2020. The school is a new type of open-education school for training health-management personnel to meet health-industry needs and those of an aging society. It is accessible to anyone and aims to combine theory with practice, relying on the university's extensive resources and the strength of its health-management teaching team.

Recently, the Qingdao Branch of the Open University of China (OUC), the Qingdao division of Beijing Electric Vehicles (BJEV) (a subsidiary of Beijing Automotive Group (BAIC)),and Qingdao Guoxuan Battery held a ceremony at Qingdao BJEV to sign a university-business cooperation agreement, and unveil a new programme in which the Qingdao Branch and the two enterprises would combine strengths and integrate resources,

Recently, the Open University of China (OUC) project, "Quality Lectures by Famous Teachers", launched another course, "Open Discussion of Grain and Food Safety", open to learners from both inside and outside the OUC system. Experts from China Agricultural University (CAU) and well-known agricultural enterprises have been invited to lecture in it.

The “A Glimpse of Teachers” Short Video Collection Activity 2020, organised by the Department of Teachers Affairs of the Ministry of Education (MOE) in cooperation with China Education Television, China Teacher Development Foundation, and China Education Development Foundation, ended recently, having collected nearly 3,000 works.

After the deliberation and approval of its leading Party group, the Ministry of Education released the OUC Comprehensive Reform Plan on 31 August 2020. The plan includes background, guiding principles and overall thought, specific tasks, and guarantee measures, as well as organisation and implementation. The full text reads as follows.

Having received approval from the Shandong Provincial Education Department to set up a Community Education Centre in Shandong and carry out pilot programmes for educating older adults in the province, the Shandong Branch of the Open University of China (OUC) has adopted measures to help the construction of continuing education there

One of the Shandong Branch’s projects, “Zaoshang Jujube Industry,” was recently awarded the CBC Cup silver medal in the vocational education category at the Sixth China (Shandong) International Internet+ College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. This was the first time that open education students participated in such a competition, representing a significant milestone for the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship across Shandong.