Editor’s Note: “Teachers are critical in measuring a university’s education quality and assessing its future.” At a recent working meeting on the pilot constructing of the online teaching team at the Open University of China (OUC), President Yang Zhijian made a speech on four themes. This article is based on a transcript of President Yang Zhijian’s 23rd March, 2017 speech at that working meeting.

Tianjin “Brilliant Life” A Lifelong Learning Plan for Women” was recently launched at Tianjin RTVU and Tianjin RTVU’s Women’s College was inaugurated.

The first batch of 13 teaching textbooks jointly developed by the OUC School of Automotive Engineering, OUC Press, and China Communications Press will be launched in August this year.

On the morning of 18th April 2017, the Open University of China (OUC) held its 5th scientific research working conference. More than 200 faculty and staff from 37 departments of the OUC attended the conference.

On the morning of 11th April 2017, Anhui RTVU and Anhui Performing Arts Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.

Inner Mongolia Radio and Television University (Inner Mongolia RTVU) recently held the 7th Young Teachers Teaching Skills Competition, which attracted more than 80 people, including competitors from four of its schools and 11 branches, as well as school leaders from the participating units, plus judges, to participate in the opening ceremony.

Following an expert review and a week-long announcement, the Open University of China (OUC) decided to grant 515 of its graduates the honorary title of “2016 Outstanding Graduate”.

OUC President Yang Zhijian recently appeared on www.china.org.cn’s programme, “Educational Celebrity Lectures” , on which he shared his views on national lifelong learning and the construction of open universities. Here are the contents of the interview.