The power of a teacher derives from a noble morality, loyalty to teaching as a career, and unselfish affection for his or her students. Zhang Qiong started her teaching career at Hengyang Radio and Television University (Hengyang RTVU) after graduating from college in 2003. Over the past 15 years, she has been deeply involved in both her teaching and in teaching reform and management. Highly motivated, her goals are to apply teaching theory to her practical work and to constantly improve her political literacy.

The 19th CPC National Congress has stated that“socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era of new aspirations and deeds”; that we “should improve vocational education and training systems through networks and continuing education”; and that we“should speed up the construction of a society in which learning is normal for everyone”as the basis for furthering community education in the new era.

From 14-15th June 2018, the OUC working conference on teaching resource configuration and application was held in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province.

Recently, selection of the 2018 Lishui County She Nationality “Good Mother”, jointly organised by the Organising Committee of 3/3/2018 She Township Activities, the Women's Federation, and the National and Religious Affairs Bureau (Lishui Branch), took place. With the assistance of grass-roots voting, the judges selected ten candidates from the She nationality, and Lei Yunmei, an alumnus of the Suichang Radio and Television University (Suichang RTVU), was named the 2018 She “Good Mother.”

In recent years, the term “spirit of the craftsman” has become a buzz word, repeatedly appearing in the government work report made by Premier Li Keqiang and included in the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The original meaning of craftsman is a person who has a professional skill, for example, a carpenter or blacksmith. As the manufacturing industry advances, in-depth targeted poverty alleviation is advancing along with it. The development of high quality skills and resources is becoming a theme of the times and the term of “craftsman” has surpassed its original meaning. The term “National Craftsmen” is used to refer to rare, high-end skilled professionals.

“Though quite a few university students are going to work in rural communities, most of them wish to return to a city to work for the government after that. Therefore, despite their presence in the countryside, they are mentally preparing themselves for the civil-service examination.” For Director Yang Pengwei of the Education Centre for Party Members of the Nanyue District CPC in Hengyang City, Hunan Province, keeping people in the countryside is a headache. He says, “We rely on those who remain to help improve life in rural areas”.

The OUC Open University for Older Adults was officially inaugurated on 28th January 2015.

"I think arrogance is a person’s biggest enemy, and continuing to learn is the best way to defeat it." When contestant No. 3, Wang Haoyu, passionately uttered these words, the entire audience broke into loud applause. Who would have thought that someone like this, with a doctorate in medicine, would come to the OUC for further education?