With the approval of the Ministry of Education (MOE), in 2012 the Open University of China (OUC) was built on the foundation of China Central Radio and TV University (CCRTVU) and was inaugurated in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

In order to cater to the lifelong learning demands of the whole country, it is necessary to expand lifelong learning channels, positively explore the construction of a credit bank, create the credit bank system model and "framework+standard", design the architecture for the Open University of China’s (OUC) credit bank system, and promote practical exploration.

The Open University of China (OUC) provides the general public with degree education services. It also attaches special importance to the educational needs of grassroots learners in rural, remote, and ethnic minority areas, offering degree and non-degree education services, undertaking social responsibility, and promoting educational equality.

The Experimental School of the Open University of China (OUC) has conducted positive exploration, reform, and innovation, and played a leading role in comprehensively advancing the “Six-Network Integration” learner development model and Internet-based reform of the management system and operation mechanism.

Providing a variety of educational services for all members of society is an important means of enhancing the quality of the Chinese people and making China a human resources power. It is also an important part of the construction of a lifelong education system and the formation of a learning-oriented society, and a significant responsibility shouldered by the Open University of China (OUC).

"I have to work on the weekend, and my work has a rotating schedule. I often do not have time to attend class. Could you make the class schedule more flexible?"

On an ordinary spring day in 2013, Zhang Hongli received a call from a colleague from Beiling Campus of Shenyang RTVU, asking her whether or not the OUC digital library's resources were available for free. The caller was full of both excitement and doubt. After receiving the affirmative answer, the pleased tutor exclaimed, "This is really great!"

Electoral units across the country held Party meetings to elect 2,287 delegates, in accordance with directives from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China(CPC).