Recently, the Research and Training Centre for Community Education under the Ministry of Education (MOE) held its nationwide “Beautiful Community Traditional Chinese Painting Contest”. Harbin Radio and TV University (RTVU) responded positively by organizing for various community colleges, an elderly university and teachers at Harbin RTVU to participate in the contest through wide publicity and careful preparation. The university strictly evaluated collected artworks before eventually selecting 28 outstanding ones to be entered in the competition.                        

On the morning of August 16, the Zhejiang Daily newspaper group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhejiang RTVU. The two sides will make full use of the resources available in their respective fields, extend the scope of cooperation to promote and accelerate the construction of Zhejiang Open University, and take an active role in the construction of a lifelong learning system and learning society.     

On September 16th, Hainan Radio and TV University (RTVU) welcomed special guest Helge Hoivik, professor and director of the Latina/Lab of Oslo and Akersuhus University College in Norway. Prof. Hoivik gave an academic lecture titled “Multipurpose and Agile Approaches to Online Course Development” for all staff of Hainan RTVU. 

In order to vigorously promote Chinese traditional virtues in a new era, further enhance moral standards among all staff, and promote further development of spiritual civilization, Xi’an Radio and TV University (RTVU) organized special “moral lecture” activities on the morning of September 18th. Participating in the activities were the university’s Party Committee Secretary

“As new, young teachers, we are ambitious, passionate and hard-working, but we lack experience and practice. Fortunately, the University’s “Project Blue” gives us a chance to take up apprenticeship with senior, more experienced teachers, which helps us avoid detours on the way to a teaching career and become qualified as teachers as soon as possible.” This was the fond

Education bears dreams and helps breed hope. Recently the Yuhuan Institute of Zhejiang Radio & TV University (RTVU) visited Ruijin City, Jiangxi Province to promote and raise funds for the donation of what they’re calling “love” computers. The activity involves 38 computers and 38 sets of computer desks and related equipment scheduled to be donated to the Baikeng Supor Hope Primary School in the Rentian Town of Ruijin City, and an entire “love” computer lab.  

On July 4, 2013, “Chinese Dream • Youth Aspiration” 1st Xi’an Good Youth recognition party was held in Xi'an University of Arts and Science by the Communist Youth League Committee of Xi’an (CYLC). Xi’an RTVU Teacher Han Ying became the first person to be honored with the title of “Xi’an Good Youth”.

On the morning of Jun. 30, Beijing Open University (BOU) held a grand ceremony to honor Outstanding Students of 2012 and grant bachelor’s degrees. The university management team, including the Party Committee Secretary Shen Yubao, Deputy Secretary Fu Yuequn, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Bai Yan, Vice President Jiang Rao and Zhang Jiyong all attended the function.