On the morning of August 16, the Zhejiang Daily newspaper group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhejiang RTVU. The two sides will make full use of the resources available in their respective fields, extend the scope of cooperation to promote and accelerate the construction of Zhejiang Open University, and take an active role in the construction of a lifelong learning system and learning society.     

Both sides will continue to explore the establishment of an open, shared and operable mechanism for all kinds of educational resources, by developing various education, examination and intermediary services. They will also come together to build an education industrial park. The two parties will bring their respective technology and staffing resources into play, work together to promote the deeper integration of information technology and education, construct and operate a cloud platform for digital teaching, and offer content and technical support for the reform of the education and teaching model. Furthermore, they will cooperate in the construction of an agricultural technology promotion base and a training base for the cultural and creative industries. Through these various measures they will propagate the concept of lifelong learning, promote advanced learning models, and create a healthy atmosphere for the construction of Zhejiang’s lifelong education system. Both sides will participate in the construction of Zhejiang Open University and contribute to the construction of the lifelong learning system and learning society in Zhejiang province.  

In November 2012, Zhejiang Newspaper Group, together with Zhejiang Education Examination Authority and the Educational Technology Center of Zhejiang Province, set up Zhejiang Open Education Group. They then introduced a market operation mechanism. The group focuses on extending non-degree education and engaging in different forms of education services to meet society’s diverse education needs. 

By www.zjol.com.cn