On Nov. 27, the village committee and family planning association of Yan Shan village invited Teacher He from Hangzhou Radio and TV University to give a presentation entitledHow to Become a Graceful Woman to the women in the village. Focusing on workplace etiquette, the power-point presentation covered topics such as: appropriate dress, emotional stability, mood management, and more. The spirited discourse provided great

In order to help students make full use of learning resources, Sichuan RTVU has started to record a series of teaching videos. As of October 30, a total of seven courses have been recorded.

On November 6, 2012, Guangdong Radio and Television University (Guangdong RTVU) officially launched the Guangdong Lifelong Learning Website. Chen Yunxian, vice governor of Guangdong province; Hao Keming, leader of the National Education Advisory Committee’s Advisory Group for the Construction of Lifelong

Henan RTVU has been admitted to the Sixth Cross-Strait Cultural & Creative Industries Research Alliance. Professor Li Junsheng, dean of Henan RTVU Art School, and Li Hai'an, senior teacher of the Art School, were invited to participate in the forum and deliver speeches at the parallel sessions.

In the early morning of October 14, RTVU in Sihong County of Jiangsu Province was filled with the boisterous sound of village officials arriving for their first class of college education. A programme was launched in July of this year to provide village officials in Sihong County with a college education.

Shaanxi RTVU’s Yan’an Branch School reached an agreement with Yan’an Prison to provide an opportunity for prisoners to receive higher education and improve their life. The two sides launched the Prison Education programme on October 31, 2012. On that day, Mr. Zhang Zhenhua, Secretary of the Party Committee of

The 2012 National Teacher Training Programme, undertaken by Gansu RTVU to provide distance training to backbone primary and secondary school teachers in rural areas of Gansu Province, has already been launched. Recently Gansu RTVU has held training classes for 476 teachers. After completing their training,

After 6 years of construction, the Zhejiang RTVU Distance Lab began trial operations this spring. Currently it hosts over 200 experimental projects, which provide practical teaching services for over 80 courses.