In order to help students make full use of learning resources, Sichuan RTVU has started to record a series of teaching videos. As of October 30, a total of seven courses have been recorded.

Of the learning resources that Sichuan RTVU currently provides, the majority are written explanations. There is a lack of dynamic resources, which means students often face difficulties in understanding materials when studying alone. In order to solve this problem, a blended teaching model that integrates the advantages of online teaching and classroom-based teaching has been introduced. By recording and uploading teaching videos, students can directly access teaching strategies and resources.

A total of 13 courses from four programmes will be recorded. The programmes are: Business Administration (undergraduate course), Civil Engineering (undergraduate course), Preschool Education (junior college course) and Nursing (junior college course). Seven out of the 13 courses have already been recorded, including Nursing Ethics, CAD in Civil Engineering, and Human Resources Management.

These teaching videos effectively complement both traditional learning and e-learning methods. This new blended teaching model will promote further reform of teaching methods and construct a dynamic teaching pattern. It will help teachers to play their role more effectively, guiding and inspiring their students. Meanwhile, for students, it decreases the contradiction between learning and working.

By Sichuan RTVU