Henan RTVU has been admitted to the Sixth Cross-Strait Cultural & Creative Industries Research Alliance. Professor Li Junsheng, dean of Henan RTVU Art School, and Li Hai'an, senior teacher of the Art School, were invited to participate in the forum and deliver speeches at the parallel sessions.


Professor Li Junsheng delivered the speech “Talent Training and Joint Innovation” concerning cultural creativity talent and art courses design, traditional local cultural creativity and talent training, and creativity and special course construction. Li Hai'an delivered a speech entitled “Cultural Communication and Cultural Entertainment” concerning tangible and intangible cultural heritage creativity, utilization of traditional Chinese opera resources in Henan province, and the consideration of the cultural creativity of local operas.

“This will have a far-reaching influence on cultural creative industries research, cooperation between universities, cooperation between universities and companies, talent training, as well as curriculum reform. Also, this will enhance the capacity of the university and improve the quality of related programmes, strengthen communication between universities, and expand academic influence,” said a representative of Henan RTVU.

Cross-Strait Cultural & Creative Industries Research Alliance:

The alliance was founded in 2009 by Communication University of China, Xiamen University, Tongji University, National Taiwan Normal University, National Taiwan University of Arts, and National Cheng Kung University, and is focused on strengthening communication and cooperation between universities across the Taiwan strait, cultural creative industries academic research and practices, as well as promoting cross-boundary dialogue among Chinese concerning cultural creativity across the globe.

By Henan RTVU