Thanks to the cooperation and integration of resources between the Yuhang Branch School of Zhejiang RTVU, the Hongfeng Campus of Yucai Primary School, and the Hongfeng Community, the “Second Class” designed for the children of migrant workers was established in the Hongfeng Community on December 6, 2012. Its aim is to provide extracurricular education especially suited to the circumstances of migrant children,

providing them with a quality curriculum focused on their healthy development.

Extracurricular activities and holiday classes for these migrant children are a "weak link" in the current educational system. As the "lifelong learning" base of Yuhang district, Yuhang Branch School takes this responsibility seriously. In 2010, Yuhang Branch School launched an experiment entitled Interconnected Network of Community, School, and Family Education for Migrant Children which mainly focused on how to integrate community, school, and family in providing extracurricular learning, education, and activities for migrant children. The experiment was regarded as a key community education project in Hangzhou. Currently, with the help of the Hongfeng Campus of Yucai Primary School, the Hongfeng Community, and the parents, the Yuhang Branch School has made progress in winning the approval of city leaders and district education bureaus. For example, they provide free extracurricular classes such as: harmonica class, painting class, computer class, writing class, and "fun English" class. They also offer free extracurricular tutorial classes for migrant children. 

The “Second Class” promotes cooperation between community education, school education, and family education. Through this collaboration, Yuhang Branch School hopes these migrant children can take in more knowledge and skills, enabling them to better adjust to their new environment and eventually to view Yuhang as their second hometown. Hopefully these efforts will help the slogan "under the same sky, achieve common progress” become reality, realizing equality in education and fostering the spirit of community education.

Usually, the “Second Class” is held for free on holidays. The first public class, "Heart to Heart”, a parent-child painting class, was held with 50 students from the Hongfeng Campus of Yucai Primary School and their parents at the inaugural ceremony, and was taught by Hui Zhihong, an art teacher from Yuhang Branch School. During the class, some children drew their mother’s wrinkles, some drew their mother’s white hair, and some drew their father’s smile, while parents were overjoyed at the childrens' infectious laughter. By drawing each other’s faces, parents and children narrowed the distance between their hearts. 

By Zhejiang RTVU