In order to vigorously promote Chinese traditional virtues in a new era, further enhance moral standards among all staff, and promote further development of spiritual civilization, Xi’an Radio and TV University (RTVU) organized special “moral lecture” activities on the morning of September 18th. Participating in the activities were the university’s Party Committee Secretary

On September 21st, the OUC (CCRTVU) Secondary Technical School held its 2013 Opening Ceremony and Scholarship Awards Ceremony at Wukesong Campus of the OUC. Scholarships were presented to 89 students with excellent academic records. Certificates were given to scholarship winners by Zhang Hui, vice president of the OUC and president of the OUC (CCRTVU) Secondary Technical School,

Liao Zhanfu was a student specializing in primary education, 2008 autumn session, at Tongjiang Workstation, affiliated with Bazhong Radio and TV University. At that time he was an interim teacher, and chose to study in the university in order to pursue a teacher’s dream and enrich his studies. After graduation,

“As new, young teachers, we are ambitious, passionate and hard-working, but we lack experience and practice. Fortunately, the University’s “Project Blue” gives us a chance to take up apprenticeship with senior, more experienced teachers, which helps us avoid detours on the way to a teaching career and become qualified as teachers as soon as possible.” This was the fond

 University leaders issue certificates to individuals and teams who have been honored with the “2013 Beijing Outstanding Teachers”, “2013 Advanced Continuing Education Teaching Administrators in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Beijing”, and “2013 Outstanding Teaching Teams in Continuing Education in HEIs in Beijing” awards.

Ms. Xing Chungui, Secretary of General Party Branch of Xinfeng community, Jinjiazhuang Street, Jinjiazhuang District, Maanshan City, is a delegate to the 18th Party Congress and a law student from Maanshan RTVU's 2010 autumn class, and was awarded nearly 20 honors including the “2011 National Outstanding Party Worker”, “2011 Anhui Province Outstanding Party Worker”, and “Anhui Advanced Individual of Caring Next Generation”.

Guo Shirong, 34, is a female rural mathematics teacher. She teaches Class One of Grade Six at Yuxian Township Primary School in Caidian District of Wuhan, Hubei Province. During the 2011 autumn semester, she enrolled as a major in the undergraduate Chinese Language and Literature programme at Caidian School of Wuhan Radio and Television University (RTVU).

On the afternoon of August 29, 2013, the OUC Learning Outcomes Accreditation Centre (Xi’an Centre) was unveiled at Xi’an RTVU, making it one of the first pilot group of the OUC Learning Outcomes Accreditation Centre. Li Linshu, vice president of the OUC, and Yang Xinzhou, secretary of Xi’an RTVU Party committee unveiled the centre.