“Big data” was one of the technology buzzwords of 2012, used to describe the massive amount of data produced in the information explosion era and the technologies and innovations developed to deal with such data. Research by International Data Corporation (IDC) shows that the global volume of data was 0.49ZB in 2008, 0.8ZB in 2009, 1.2ZB in 2010, and grew to 1.82ZB in 2011. This is equivalent to over 200GB of data produced per human being. The arrival of the "big data" era was first mentioned by McKinsey, a global management consulting firm. McKinsey states: “Data have swept into every industry
During the 25th International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) World Conference held at the Tianjin Meijiang Convention Centre on October 16-18, foreign representatives could be frequently heard practicing Chinese phrases including nihao (hello), xiexie (thanks), zaijian (goodbye), renshi ni hen gaoxing (nice to meet you)

In the recently published results of the national moral model and moral pacesetter programme, Ruan Wenpin, from Nonghuai Primary School of the central school in Xiajia Town, Lingyun County of Baise, the excellent student of Guangxi Radio and TV University (RTVU), was named “2013 National Moral Pacesetter”. 

On the morning of September 28th, more than 120 domestic and international cyclists participating in the China International Bicycle Race finished the 140 kilometers of the Wuhan stage of the race, with an atmosphere reminiscent of a scene from “The Fast and the Furious”. Over one thousand teachers and students from Wuhan Radio and TV University (RTVU) took part in the volunteer services supporting the race.

On September 10, 2013, Gansu Radio and TV University (RTVU) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Gansu Branch of China Construction Bank.

On October 13th, the National Opening Ceremony of the 2013 Lifelong Learning Activity Week was held in the Binhai New Area of Tianjin. At the ceremony, the list of 104 “Grassroots Learning Stars” was revealed, including Shao Denghui, who was recommended by Ningbo Radio and TV University (RTVU, aka Ningbo Community College.

On the morning of October 11th, the Photographic Arts Branch (hereinafter referred to as “Branch”) of the Guangxi Old Professors Association was established in Guangxi Radio and TV University (RTVU). The president of the Association, Che Fangren, along with other guests, such as Guangxi RTVU Vice President Miao Jian,

In order to fast-forward the construction of a high quality online core curriculum, the Open University of China (OUC) conducted a series of training activities with the theme of “The design and development of an online core curriculum based on the OUC’s learning platform” from October 9-11, 2013. Ms. Christine Armatas, a professor from North Melbourne Polytechnic University, was invited to lecture at the training activity. More than 60 teachers, managerial and technical personnel from the OUC attended the onsite training. In total, 70 people took part in the online live broadcast.