“A university on the cloud is a university that is mainly supported by cloud technology”, said Yang Zhijian, President of the Open University of China (OUC), during “Cloud China 2014”.

Recently the Ministry of Education (MOE) website released “2014's Main Points for Education Digitization” (shortened as “the Main Points”). In the release, the working ideas, working approach, core target, and key points of the education digitization work in 2014 were clearly put forward. The OUC, which is directly under the MOE, will undertake three important projects outlined in the directive.

In a recent press release for the Henan Education Digitization Experts Committee and its Specialist Members Database issued by the Education Department of Henan Province, Professor Li Xiaoming, Assistant to the president of Henan RTVU and Director of the Centre for Modern Educational Technology was named as a member of the Henan Education Digitization Experts Committee. 

The training class “New Technology Application in Education” officially began on March 1. It was presented by the Research and Development Centre for the Integration and Application of Digital Learning Technologies (RDCIADLT), Ministry of Education, China, based in the Open University of China (OUC) in cooperation with Latina Lab of Oslo University College of Norway.

The term new media refers to forms of media created by new technology systems. What are some examples of new media? What kind of development process have new media gone through with the rapid development of technologies today? What can we do to extend the application of new media and access to it?

The “Happy Community” photo contest, which is hosted by Sichuan Radio and TV University (RTVU), is now entering the stage of online voting. 93 finalists have already been posted on the “Happy Community” photo contest special column, located on the Sichuan community education website (http://xfsq.scrtvu.net/). Online voting will be open from March 1 to March 31.


In order to further deepen the reform of integrated practical education offered to advertising major and enrich the cultural life of the campus, the Department of Humanity, Law and Arts at Xi’an Radio and TV University (RTVU) recently held an exhibition of its advertising major’s graduation projects. The theme of this year’s show was “Inspiration from Life & Character Cultivation.”

The outstanding audio-visual teaching series Lectures on Chinese Culture and The History of Chinese Literature have been selected as open classes for the China E-Learning Academy for Leadership (hereinafter referred to as the “Academy”). The courses were added to the website of the Academy a few days ago. The two courses will play a unique role in cultivating a taste for culture and improving the quality of educational training for national leaders.