China Central Organization Department (CCOD) has recently chosen outstanding courseware programmes through a comparison of teaching courseware for modern distance education for national Party members and cadres which were presented for airing during 2013. On behalf of the Ministry of Education (MOE), China Liaoyuan Radio and TV University (RTVU) submitted 10 programmes for appraisal.

In order to promote a sense of responsibility among the teaching staff, and to encourage all teachers to take the initiative in participating in the management of the university, Ninghai School of Ningbo RTVU initiated a weekly teacher review programme. In the four years since the launching of the activity, a great number of teachers have positively participated in it and have played an important role in the transitional development of the school.

On May 15th of 2014, a “Rural RTVU Bookstore” of the Heilongjiang Branch of the OUC was inaugurated in the Mongolian School in Tailai County of Heilongjiang Province, becoming the first of its kind in the province. The OUC also opened an “electronic periodicals reading room for teenagers” for the school at the same time.

On May 13th, Xi’an RTVU launched the 2014 online training for cadre education in Xi’an. The first spring session demonstration class for cadres supervised by Xi’an municipal government also opened at the same time. 

There were more than 60 trainees in the demonstration class. They were mainly cadres from relative departments at the municipal level or from subordinate districts and counties. It was the first time for them to take part in online training for cadre education.

More than 70 teachers who teach classes related to computer science at branches across the country gathered together in Chengdu to attend the OUC's teaching seminar on computer science from May 8th to 9th of 2014.

On May 5th 2014, Yin Yulong, an academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and Chief Scientist of the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), was invited to give a series of lectures on “Healthy Cultivation and Food Safety” by Hunan Radio and TV University (RTVU).

A Traveler’s Song, a renowned poem from the Tang Dynasty, thoroughly stirred the emotions of all in attendance after being interpreted by Professor Cheng Yuzhui of Peking University. This is the actual picture of the meeting place for the “Cultivating and Practicing Socialist Core Values Seminar — Classic Poetry Appreciation and Humanistic Quality Promotion”. The report concluded in warm applause, and Professor Cheng bowed to the audience several times. His solemn and modest attitude won him the respect and appreciation of the whole audience.

A few days ago, the Open University of China (OUC) approved 14 institutions, including Qingdao Community University, to be among the first batch of the OUC experimental centres for community education, and approved 39 institutions, including Taiyuan Community University, Shanxi, to be among the first batch of the OUC experimental bases for community education, in order to: better study the role that community education plays in the construction of the lifelong education system, better understand how distance education can promote lifelong learning for all, thoroughly explore new teaching models, share and expand resources for community education, and to actively promote the advancement of the study and implementation of community education. (The lists are attached below.)