On September 19, 2011, the 3rd OUC/OUJ/KNOU International Seminar was held in Beijing under the theme "Reforming Educational Management in Open Universities".

President Yang Zhijian from the Open University of China (OUC), President Yoichi Okabe from the Open University of Japan (OUJ), President Nam Chul Cho from the Korea National Open University (KNOU) and President Deng Mengzhong from Shenzhen Radio and TV University (Shenzhen RTVU) of China attended the meeting and made speeches. The four presidents fully expressed their willingness to jointly develop and share resources, facilitate staff exchanges



A nine-member delegation of the Open University of China (OUC) led by President Yang Zhijian participated in the 24th ICDE World Conference on Open and Distance Learning under the theme of "Expanding Horizons—New Approaches to Open and Distance Learning (ODL)" between 2-5 October 2011, in the Island of Bali, Indonesia. The Conference focuses on issues related to the role of ODL at the leading edge of online learning paradigm from organizing distance education

In the afternoon of July 11, 2011, the Open University of China (OUC) Multimedia Press and U.S.-based Berkshire Publishing Group signed a memorandum of understanding in Beijing for a large-scale audio-visual publication project named China Panorama—Video Encyclopedia of China. The two parties will work together on the content, translation, marketing, publication, and sales of the project and strive to lay a good foundation for the adoption and propagation of the product in the U.S.

 The 2011 annual conference of the European Distance and E-learning Network (EDEN) and celebration of the 20th anniversary of its establishment was held June 19-22 in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. A delegation from the OUC attended as the sole representative from China.

EDEN is the most influential and comprehensive distance education and e-learning organization in Europe. Though it is a regional organization, its annual conference has been developed into an international conference. This year's theme was "Learning and Sustainability:

Recently, Chairwoman Anne Elizabeth Ely, Vice Chairman Peter Ely, and Trustee Ling Thompson of the Sino-British Fellowship Trust (SBFT) visited China to attend the ceremony to re-sign the "Sino-British Fellowship Trust Project" agreement. They also attended three seminars held in the eastern, northwestern, and southwestern areas, featuring scholars who formerly participated in the project. After a comprehensive review of the academic activities of the scholars since their return to China, they gave an assessment of the success of the project thus far.


 On 22 March 2011, President Yang Zhijian of the Open University of China (OUC) met with a delegation from the Korea National Open University (KNOU) led by its President Nam-Chul Cho.

After a meeting with President Yang, Vice President Zhang Shaogang gave the delegates an introduction to the OUC, and also invited President Nam-Chul Cho to discuss the use of the Internet and IT in distance education in Korea. President Cho said that Korean students frequently use mobile devices such as pad computers and smart phones to apply for courses, learn and interact with tutors and their classmates. Vice President Zhang also expressed interest in the differences between KNOU and cyber universities in Korea discussed by President Cho.

 At the invitation of the Open University of China (OUC), a three-person delegation from the Open University of Japan (OUJ) led by Vice President Professor Yoshiaki Hamada paid a visit to the OUC on March 15-16, 2010. Mr. Ruan Zhiyong, Secretary of the OUC Party Committee, and Party Committee Vice Secretary Zhang Shaogang met with the delegation.

The OUC leaders extended their regards to the Japanese delegation

The 2011 EFA Global Monitoring Report Launch and 6th EFA National Forum was held on March 1st in Beijing, organized by UNESCO Beijing Office and the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO. Vice president of the Open University of China, Zhang Shaogang attended the forum.

The Dakar Framework for Action on Education for All (EFA)