On June 24-27, 2014, the 2014 IACEE 14th World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education was held at Stanford University in the United States. A 4-person delegation from the Open University of China (OUC), including Cui Lin from the School of Engineering, Wu Shuping from the Information Technology Department, and Wang Like and Yuan Ling from the Credit Bank Management Office attended the conference. They spoke at the conference and presented a poster. This is the OUC’s debut at the World Conference on Continuing Education since its establishment.

This conference was themed "Enhancing and Promoting the 21st Century Education Needs of Engineers", and was divided into three sub-themes: Future Global Labor, Education Innovation, and University-Enterprise Cooperation. Speeches given by the OUC representatives as well as their exhibited achievements covered all of the conference themes.

The biennial world conference on continuing engineering education is sponsored by the International Association for Continuing Engineering Education (IACEE), which is made up of universities and renowned enterprises, with the major aim being the promotion and exchange of research into international continuing engineering education and the continued development of global continuing engineering education. China Association for Continuing Engineering Education is a standing member of IACEE.

Wu Shuping delivered the speech "Design and Construction of the Cloud Classroom" at the forum "Classroom Innovation" under the theme of Education Innovation. She introduced the OUC’s history of cloud classroom research and the design and implementation of the cloud classroom. She also discussed issues related to the application of new technologies in distance education and continuing education with the experts and scholars present.

Cui Lin delivered the speech "Problems, Challenges, and Development of Engineering Education in China" at the forum entitled "Path for Continuing Education" under the theme of University-Enterprise Cooperation. He introduced the development history and characteristics of engineering continuing education in China and put forward the system structure of engineering continuing education in China. Exchanges were also made on measures taken and work invested by China in developing continuing education.

Wang Like delivered the speech "Building a Bridge Between University and Enterprise Via the Credit Bank: The Role of the Open University of China" at the forum "Influence of Enterprises Over Education" under the theme University-Enterprise Cooperation. He discussed in depth the major theories and practices of the construction of the credit bank in building close ties between universities and enterprise. He explained the major role of the OUC in the construction of the national credit bank by combining the OUC’s orientation and development strategies, as well as the functions of the progress of credit bank construction in China, the relevant national policies, and the role that the credit bank can play in strengthening relationships between universities and industry. Exchanges were also made with representatives on issues of how to carry out overseas cooperation.

The poster entitled "Initial Exploration on the Application of Credit Bank in Continuing Engineering Education", jointly edited by Yuan Ling and Guo Yanfei, was exhibited during the conference. It introduced the foundation and purpose of the credit bank and how Chinese institutions and regions could utilize it in the exploration and practice of continuing education management, as well as explaining the OUC’s purpose in constructing the credit bank system.


By Yuan Ling, the OUC