On November 13, 2014, The Open University of China (OUC) and the TRAMPIL Foundation of Indonesia signed a memorandum of understanding on future cooperation in Beijing. Both parties expect to carry out wide ranging cooperation in the training of local teachers teaching Chinese in Indonesia, in order to help them improve their Chinese teaching ability, information technology and multi-media skills, familiarize themselves with blended teaching models that integrate distance teaching with offline teaching, and to bring mixed teaching models and distance teaching resources into the primary and secondary schools in Indonesia.

They hope that this will give more Indonesian learners access to Chinese language and Chinese culture.

Leaders of the OUC Yang Zhijian and Liu Chen, Chairman and Vice Chairman of the TRAMPIL Foundation Takim Andriono and Romi H. Budiardjo, and Managing Director of Beijing Sangzi Education Technology Co. Ltd. Pan Hanliang, attended the signing ceremony.

President of the OUC Yang Zhijian said that in 2014 the OUC has thoroughly promoted its own construction. The OUC is using modern information technology to build a new teaching environment integrating a virtual campus, mobile learning and centralized face-to-face tutorial. The OUC also promotes its internationalisation, and as such the cooperation will start from international Chinese education and then expand to other subjects. 

Chairman of the TRAMPIL Foundation Takim Andriono said that they would like to work with the OUC to use information technology to provide outstanding teaching and learning resources for Indonesian learners so as to improve the educational level and quality of Indonesian citizens.

On November 14, 2014, Indonesian Counsellor of Education Wei Wenkai met the representatives from both parties, and expressed his congratulations, and hoped that both parties can use distance education technology to serve more Chinese language teachers in local areas in Indonesia. 

The TRAMPIL Foundation is a non-governmental organization committed to using distance education technology to give students in remote regions of Indonesia the chance to receive quality education. At present, the TRAMPIL Foundation has set up 24 ICT Learning Centres throughout Indonesia, and provided online distance learning equipment, distance learning resources and teaching assistants for the Learning Centre.

By Zhou Jinlan, the OUC