On April 28th and 29th of 2014, President of the Open University of China (OUC), Yang Zhijian, attended the ICDE's second Executive Committee Meeting in Oslo, Norway. At the same time, he also attended the “International workshop on policy for OER and less used languages”, where he also gave a discourse.

This was the first opportunity for President Yang to meet other ICDE Executive Committee members after he was elected to the committee himself, being the second meeting this year, the first one being held via teleconference. During the event, Yang Zhijian talked about over 20 topics, including the ICDE’s 2014 plan and budget and the 2015 ICDE World Conference in South Africa, with ICDE Secretary General, Gard Titlestad, the President of ICDE, Doctor Tian Belawati, and three other members, all of whom collaborated in making the final decisions.

Before the meeting began, it took the ICDE a half-day to connect the more than 20 educational experts from around the world, including President of the Norwegian National Commission for UNESCO and former Minister of Research and Higher Education in Norway, Tora Aasland. During the seminar, President Yang Zhijian delivered the five-minute speech “Open Educational Resources in China”. He focused on the OUC's introduction of newly developed Uygher-Han and Mongol-Han bilingual educational resources and mass-produced five-minute courses, which gained the attention of the other members.

By Yang Yongbo, the OUC