The signing and inauguration ceremony for the cooperative projects of Taizhou RTVU Programme Practice Base and College and University Correspondent Centre for the 21st Century of China Daily between 21st Century, an English newspaper sponsored by China’s largest English newspaper system, China Daily, and Taizhou RTVU was held on May 21, 2014.

Zhejiang RTVU (Zhejiang Provincial Community Education Guide Centre) opened a Micro RTVU Wechat cloud platform at its 35th anniversary ceremony held in Zhejiang Daily Press Group on Mar 28, 2014.

Micro RTVU not only provides news coverage, information search, and distance reception service for RTVU teachers and students in the province, but also offers various learning resources for all members of society.

At a recent symposium marking the 95th anniversary of the May 4th Movement in Zhejiang Province, after learning of recent developments, the leaders of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee fully affirmed their support for initiatives undertaken by Jinyun county in backing the Jinyun sesame seed cake industry. Jinyun county government placed great emphasis on this and asked all villages, towns, and departments to vigorously promote the brand building of Jinyun sesame seed cake, spreading Jinyun culture and increasing farmers’ income.

46 works received awards in the recently concluded Happy Community photo contest, open to the residents of communities of Sichuan province and hosted by Sichuan RTVU. The activity was aimed at putting socialist core values with Chinese characteristics into practice, showcasing the happy life in harmonious communities, offering an innovative experience for community education, and boosting community education of the Sichuan RTVU system.

In a recent effort to support full-time and part-time teachers of the provincial Radio and TV University (RTVU) system, Fujian RTVU launched the second provincial RTVU system microlecture contest.


China Central Organization Department (CCOD) has recently chosen outstanding courseware programmes through a comparison of teaching courseware for modern distance education for national Party members and cadres which were presented for airing during 2013. On behalf of the Ministry of Education (MOE), China Liaoyuan Radio and TV University (RTVU) submitted 10 programmes for appraisal.

In order to promote a sense of responsibility among the teaching staff, and to encourage all teachers to take the initiative in participating in the management of the university, Ninghai School of Ningbo RTVU initiated a weekly teacher review programme. In the four years since the launching of the activity, a great number of teachers have positively participated in it and have played an important role in the transitional development of the school.

On May 15th of 2014, a “Rural RTVU Bookstore” of the Heilongjiang Branch of the OUC was inaugurated in the Mongolian School in Tailai County of Heilongjiang Province, becoming the first of its kind in the province. The OUC also opened an “electronic periodicals reading room for teenagers” for the school at the same time.