On April 3, the official WeChat of the OUC Bayi College “Bayi College” and its Tencent Weibo “Bayi College” had their formal online launch. Users can begin following the accounts by scanning the QR code for WeChat (or by adding friend “sgycjy_81xy” in WeChat). Clicking the link: http://t.qq.com/bayixueyuan2000 will link the user to the OUC Bayi College news feed, allowing the user to follow the latest developments and trends in distance education for the military.  

“When I went to the RTVU to get new textbooks on weekends, I was afraid nobody would be there. However, to my surprise, I found that a service window had been set up by the university and special staff had been kept on duty to give out textbooks. It’s great!” exclaimed an undergraduate at the Pan’an Branch of Zhejiang RTVU. 

In order to comply with the trend of the Internet users gradually shifting to accessing the Web through mobile terminals, Guangzhou RTVU recently opened a WeChat account for the “Guangzhou Lifelong Learning Network (www.gzlll.cn).”

The WeChat account is used to promote online courses, as well as the information, teaching and academic affairs related to various educational projects.

“This software is good. The characters are big enough”, “It includes old films”, “Typing is barely needed and it's convenient to use”… Recently, in a class for senior citizens at Wenzhou RTVU, the students were learning to use a fantastic APP, “Sacred Gear”, the mobile version of “Senior Citizen's Education Network of Wenzhou” designed and developed jointly by Wenzhou RTVU and Beijing Superstar Company, which is the first APP specifically designed for seniors in Zhejiang Province.     

Recently, the on-the-job training programme for community workers in Fujian Province, undertaken by Fujian RTVU, has achieved success through all phases of development and implementation. With the publication of two textbooks entitled “Community Work Practice” and “An Introduction to Social Work” on the 15th of March, Fujian RTVU has completely finished all the work of platform setup, construction of curriculum textbooks, and the production of video courses for the on-the-job training and degree education for community workers in the whole province.

The results of “Liaoning’s 2013 Person of the Year in Education”, sponsored by multiple entities including the Department of Education of Liaoning, Liaoning TV Station, and Liaoning Daily were unveiled recently, with Ji Changhong, the director of the General Affairs Infrastructure Construction Division of Liaoning RTVU making the list. 

In a recent press release for the Henan Education Digitization Experts Committee and its Specialist Members Database issued by the Education Department of Henan Province, Professor Li Xiaoming, Assistant to the president of Henan RTVU and Director of the Centre for Modern Educational Technology was named as a member of the Henan Education Digitization Experts Committee. 

The “Happy Community” photo contest, which is hosted by Sichuan Radio and TV University (RTVU), is now entering the stage of online voting. 93 finalists have already been posted on the “Happy Community” photo contest special column, located on the Sichuan community education website (http://xfsq.scrtvu.net/). Online voting will be open from March 1 to March 31.