• Intellectual poverty alleviation:connotation, good practices and future actions
  • Transformation and evolution of education philosophy and principles in the age of Internet Plus 
  • Conceptualizing knowledge in “Internet + education”: the nature of knowledge and knowledge evolution
  • Towards a model of core goal-oriented blended learning design in the Internet Plus age
  • From“NSTC Plan”to“CSIS Plan”: subversion and innovation of artificial intelligence-enabled
    education in America
  • Towards an evaluation model of online learning behavior and learning effectiveness for MOOCAP learners
  • Learner model for  teachers’online professional development communities
  • Teaching faculty at distance education institutions: the case of the University of Phoenix 
  • Open and distance education in Canada in a digital age 
  • Developing an ecosystem of educational big data: the case of‘3+3’model 
  • Applying Knowledge Tracing Model in education: a review of literature(2008-2017)
  • Abstracts
  • Contents