• Using knowledge graphs to optimize MOOC instruction
  • Knowledge construction in collaborative learning on learning management systems and
    social media platforms
  • A mobile learning app for adult English as part of a non-English major degree
    requirement: instructional design and effectiveness
  • Delivering digital higher education into prisons: the cases of four universities in Australia,
    UK, Turkey and Nigeria
  • A review of mobile learning research in China (2006-2015)
  • Towards a personalized recommendation system for collaborative e-learning
  • Quality management in the University of Phoenix
  • Learning cities in South Korea: development and construction 
  • Chinese university teachers’ microlectures: a review of the winning entries of the
    2nd National Competition of University Microlecture Teaching
  • Towards a teaching quality assurance system for distance diploma programs designed
    for Air Force non-commissioned officers
  • Abstract