On the morning of 11th April 2017, Anhui RTVU and Anhui Performing Arts Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.

The signing ceremony was attended by personnel from both sides, including Dong Qing, chairman of the board of Anhui Performing Arts Group; Li Meimei general manager of Anhui Performing Arts Group; Zheng Hanhua, president of Anhui RTVU; and Du Aiyu and He Qiwang, vice presidents of Anhui RTVU. Dong Qing and Zheng Hanhua signed the agreement on behalf of Anhui Performing Arts Group and Anhui RTVU, respectively.

Dong Qing gave a speech and pointed out that the cooperation between Anhui Performing Arts Group and Anhui RTVU is a win-win situation that will give full play to both sides’ advantages. The peoples’ demand for cultural life has developed alongside their material life. In light of this situation, Anhui Performing Arts Group hopes to cooperate with Anhui RTVU in order to combine their personnel resource advantages with the educational resources of the RTVU and jointly establish an art educational platform to promote the development of art education in Anhui province and provide quality service for civilian and lifelong learning.

Zheng Hanhua noted that as the only university conducting modern distance education affiliated to Anhui province, Anhui RTVU has vigorously promoted its degree and non-degree continuing education and provided various forms of educational services, becoming an important part of Anhui higher education, an important base of continuing education and modern distance education, and an important pillar of support for the promotion of civilian and lifelong learning. Anhui provincial government attaches great importance to the development of Anhui RTVU and its transformation from an RTVU to an open university. The provincial government believes that the cooperation with Anhui Performing Group will strengthen the RTVU’s ability to serve community education and education for the elderly across Anhui province, as well as further stimulate its transformation and development.

The two sides held an in-depth discussion regarding relevant issues in the implementation of the cooperation projects and both agreed that they are well-matched and that there is a broad scope for the cooperation, specifically great prospects are to be explored in the areas regarding peoples’ livelihood projects, such as community education and education for the elderly. It is believed that the cooperation will benefit both sides and provide an innovative mechanism for the exploration of art education in Anhui province.

By Li Ru, Anhui RTVU