The Qingdao BEST Programme College Student Entrepreneurship Competition finals concluded on Oct. 29, 2016.

The BEST Programme competition was sponsored by Qingdao Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, cosponsored by Qingdao RTVU (Qingdao Entrepreneurship University) together with Qingdao College Student Entrepreneurship Service Centre. After several rounds of competition, defenses and notarisation by the related notary office, ten projects were selected from 316 teams comprising 1000 entries. Ultimately, projects entitled Orange TC and Fish Math Thinking won first prize in the university group and society group respectively. One-time start-up funds for entrepreneurship in the amounts of RMB 50,000 yuan, RMB 10,000 yuan and RMB 5,000 yuan were awarded to projects receiving first prizes, second prizes and third prizes respectively.

The project Orange TC is a platform designed for sharing skills useful for college students in Qingdao, through which visitors can rent an interesting and resourceful campus master and use his or her skills, knowledge and experience. Or if the visitors themselves are skillful in some area and are willing to share with others, they can rent themselves out via the platform so as to broaden their own connections and realise their own value. Fish Math Thinking is a project comprised of three parts, i.e. Fish Math course series, Fish Math thinking training camp and Fish Cup math thinking contest, with primary school students as their target group. All of the various parts are presented against a fairy tale background featuring personalised characters and fascinating plots designed to attract learners to the story and help them enjoy studying math.

The BEST Programme competition of 2016 was designed based on the model of “entrepreneurship contest + cultivation of entrepreneurship abilities” to develop the three major qualities of individual entrepreneurship, teamwork cooperation, and resource integration and their application in entrepreneurial thinking, awareness, mindset and skills as tested by the examination sections of group training and challenge solutions. The programme has attained and increased its influence as the top brand in national college student entrepreneurship, further promoting the development of college student entrepreneurship in Qingdao.

By Qingdao RTVU