From April 8th to 12th of 2014, the seminar and training on the operation and management of community education by the MOE Research & Training Centre for Community Education was held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. More than 40 people from Taiwan Open University, specialists in community education from Communication University of China, and community education workers from 21 units within the Radio and TV University (RTVU) system attended. 

On the five-minute lecture website of the Open University of China (OUC), a micro lecture series entitled “Li Ping’s Modern Literature Appreciation” presented by Professor Li Ping, is very popular and has won a great deal of praise. On the afternoon of April 2, the OUC Digital Learning Resources Centre organized a seminar on the micro lecture series entitled “Li Ping’s Modern Literature Appreciation”, summarizing the creation of the micro lectures and inviting various parties to discuss ways to promote the construction of high-quality micro lectures. 

“A university on the cloud is a university that is mainly supported by cloud technology”, said Yang Zhijian, President of the Open University of China (OUC), during “Cloud China 2014”.

The selection of the “Seventh Beijing Teaching Achievement Awards for Higher Education” held jointly by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Beijing Finance Burean recently announced that among the eight results provided for evaluation by the OUC,

The practice training meeting for community education sponsored by MOE Research & Training Centre for Community Education was held in Meishan, of Quanzhou city in Fujian province, from the 20th to the 23rd of December 2013. Vice President of the OUC Zhang Shaogang, President of Fujian RTVU Ye Wenhua, Vice President

Global Mobile Learning Implementations and Trends is edited by two internationally recognized mobile learning experts and the chapter authors are from around the world. They have extensive expertise in mobile learning. The book presents information on implementation of mobile learning around the world and trends in mobile learning. It is a valuable resource for educators and trainers who want to find out about mobile learning around the world and who would like to conduct research on mobile learning.

China Distance Education Young Scholar Forum, which took as its theme “MOOCs: Overturning and Innovation”, was jointly organized by the magazine Distance Education in China and the Education Technology Research Institute of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT). 11 young scholars from universities and education enterprises in China delivered their points of view.

On October 10, 2013, Professor Ge Jianxiong, a member of the Standing Committee of The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), social activist, renowned historical geography scholar and curator of the Fudan University Library, visited the Open University of China (OUC) to deliver his esteemed lecture “Economic and Cultural Regional Differences: Historical Geographical Basis of Chinese Economy and Culture”.