At Shenzhen Radio and TV University's (Shenzhen RTVU) graduation ceremony held on May 20, 2012, 78–year-old Wu Liangmei received his certificate of graduation and made his college dreams come true.

Wu Liangmei is the oldest student ever to graduate from Shenzhen RTVU and the oldest undergraduate student in the city of Shenzhen. In 2005,

At the 40th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva concluded recently, submissions from Nantong Radio and TV University (Nantong RTVU) won a total of three medals—one gold, one silver and one bronze.

The 40th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva opened on April 18, 2012. More than 1000 new technological inventions from 46 countries were on display.

In the summer of 1980, 10-month-old Liu Xin was struck by the measles and lost hearing after a high fever of 41.5 ℃. Ever since then, he has been living in a soundless world.

At the age of nine, Liu Xin began to receive special education at the Lanzhou School for the Deaf and Blind, and there began his dance career. Later he joined the provincial performing arts troupe for disabled people. Liu said that since his ears could never hear the beautiful music, for each dance his sign language teacher would use gestures to convey the rhythm of the music. He would capture the rhythm with his eyes and feel the music in his heart, and then voice the language of dance through

Liu Ping suffers from polio. After an operation in 2007, his weak limbs have made it extremely difficult for him to move around. Wu Wenjing is a young man from Aba Prefecture who lost sight in one eye when he was a senior in high school due to an accidental fall while reading on the roof of a seven-story building.