In order to improve the information technology application abilities of the teachers within the Open University of China (OUC) system, from 26th - 28th March 2017 the OUC held the second seminar on the application of the learning network, with the theme of “Strengthening the Application of Learning Networks” at its Jiangsu branch. More than 180 teachers from the Jiangsu and Nanjing branches participated in the seminar.

The seminar was chaired by the director of the OUC’s Teacher Development Centre, Feng Liguo. Zhang Yibin, vice president of Jiangsu Open University, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Zhang Yibin pointed out that, under the leadership of the OUC, Jiangsu branch has adhered to the general concept of reform and development and constantly enhanced its development and social influence. Firstly, it has always adhered to the principle of structure optimisation, coordinating and comprehensively promoting development. Secondly, it has continued to uphold teaching standards and quality. Thirdly, it has continuously enhanced teaching ability and focused on the implementation of four major projects, namely professional training for teachers, the construction of normalised teaching examinations, the construction of teaching teams, and the comprehensive promotion of the OUC core online courses pilot programme.

The training contents included an introduction to the OUC’s information technology, the use of learning network functions, teaching design supported by the learning network, strategies for solving common problems appearing in the learning network, and learning network operation.

The director of the OUC’s Information Technology Department, Jiang Guozhen, gave a special report entitled Courses: Platform and Curriculum Reform, which focused on issues such as "how to develop courses", "how to match courses and learning platforms", and "how to reform the curriculum to encourage online learning.” Interactive activities were arranged for the attendees.

Professor Zhang Guangcan from the OUC’s Jiangsu branch and professor Hu Jing from the Hebei branch were invited to deliver speeches entitled Course Teaching Experience Based on the OUC’s Learning Network and How to Realise Curriculum Development and Implement Teaching Processes through Teaching Design Based on the Learning Network.

The seminar integrated classroom teaching, demonstration and explanation, practical exercises, and experience exchange, with emphasis on practical operation. The lectures were followed by exercises and the effect of learning was assessed. The class was problem-centred and learning effect was improved with a task-driven approach. Communication and exchange between branches and teachers was promoted through cooperation between different groups.

The learning outcome of each attendee was appraised and certificates of completion were issued. The learning outcome was recorded by the OUC Credit bank.

By Tong Liu,, Photography: Zhou Shengpu, OUC Jiangsu Branch