Associate professor
Business English Department of the School of Foreign Languages
Han Yanhui graduated with a master’s degree from the English language and literature major of Beijing International Studies University in 2000. He taught there after he graduated. He transferred from Beijing International Studies University in 2002. He graduated with a second master’s degree from the information and communications technology and education major of the School of Education of the University of London UK in 2007. The degree courses he teaches include English Reading (3), Higher-Level English Reading (2), The Changing English Language, Computer Assisted English Teaching and Learning and International Trade Practice. The non-degree education courses he teaches include Tutoring Online and Online Learning Tools. Currently he serves as the leader of course group of pure online courses Tutoring Online which is one of the “E-learning Educator Training ” programme which is cooperated by the OUC and the Open University of UK.

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Tel: (010) 57519227