CCRTVU’s Public Service Management (education management) was first offered in the autumn semester of 1999 as a diploma programme, and the undergraduate degree course (starting from the completion of the diploma course) was first offered in the 2002 autumn semester in cooperation with Northeast Normal University. In 2007, the Ministry of Education approved the degree course in its comprehensive evaluation of the “Pilot Programme for the Reform of Ways of Learner Development and Open Education”. Public service management (education management) is based on the needs of communities to better fill their front-line teaching positions with management and teaching professionals trained in basic knowledge and practical skills of modern education and management science, education management technology, and information technology and its application in education management, administration, primary and middle schools, kindergartens, non-government organizations, and other social institutions.
A good foundation can be laid for educational workers’ future success, research, and management through the programme. The study of the programme will enable learners to master specialized basic knowledge on education, psychology, management, and sociology; to equip them with the required skills needed in teaching and management, and the education-specific problem-solving skills needed to analyze and solve frequent practical problems in an innovative way.
The teaching plan and curriculum setup are formulated in line with the national working standard for professionals in “Public Service Management (education management)”. The essential role and applied nature of the teaching plan is highlighted and the curriculum is built on the principle of “broad base, deep foundation, and high practicability”. They are complimented by the core courses of the programme which focus on the cultivation of practical capacity and offering diversified optional courses to expand students’ knowledge of education, management, and generalized cultural knowledge so as to meet their diversified learning needs and interests. The courses offered include the following core and foundation courses: public administration, organizational behavior in education, school management, education law, education evaluation, modern education management, curriculum and instruction, school management psychology, and educational psychology; practical courses: comprehensive practice of education management; dynamic courses: reform and development of primary education at home and abroad; and generalized courses: introduction to philosophy, aesthetics and aesthetic education, and introduction to art theory.
Several experts from the educational management institutions of Beijing Normal University, Northeast Normal University, National Academy of Education Administration, and Capital Normal University act as consultants, examiners, chief editors, co-editors and lecturers via course instruction and resource construction, of which the printed teaching manual entitled Modern Education Management has been chosen as the national planned teaching material in the Eleventh-Five-Year-Plan period for regular higher education; the teaching video "A Brief History of Education in China" won the first prize (2002) in the Third National Selection of Educational Audio-Visual Products jointly held by State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and the Ministry of Education; the web-based course "A Brief History of Education in China" was recognized as an excellent national web-based course, and "Curriculum and Instruction and Modern Education Management" was recognized as an excellent web-based course of the Radio and TV University (RTVU) system.
The programme of public service management (education management) of the OUC headquarters currently employs 11 full-time tutors, including 5 full-time tutors inside the department and 6 part-time tutors outside the department, 2 professors, and 9 associate professors; 2 tutors are studying for their doctorate while working, and 7 have experience as visiting scholars overseas.
The tutors of the OUC headquarters have made fruitful progress via academic studies and research in the field of distance teaching and learning. They won one national level teaching achievement award of higher education, one Beijing education and teaching achievement award, 7 teaching achievement awards of the RTVU system, and 2 CCRTVU teaching achievement rewards; 3 project approvals at and above the ministry level, and one planned project of united university papers; 15 scientific achievement awards of the RTVU system, and 2 CCRTVU scientific achievement rewards.