The School of Agroforestry & Medicine (China Liaoyuan Radio & TV School) of the Open University of China (OUC) was established in September of 2007. Its predecessors were the Teaching & Research Section of Biology established in 1982 and the Department of Agriculture & Medicine, set up in 1996.

The School officers are Dean Guo Xiaoxia and Vice Dean Zhang Zhijun.

The School consists of the following departments and sections: the Department of Agriculture & Forestry headed by Fu Jinfeng, the Department of Medicine & Pharmacy headed by Tang Yiting, the Administrative Office headed by Rong Qinghua, and the Liaoyuan Project Office headed by Zhang Aihua.

The School has 15 full-time staff members, among whom 6 are associate professors, 6 are lecturers and 3 are administrators. 8 of the 15 staff members have master's degrees.

Currently, the School offers 5 degree programmes for open education. Among them, 2 are degree programmes for students starting from the diploma: Horticulture, and Public Management (Health Care Management); 3 are diploma programmes: Horticulture, Nursing, and Pharmacy. In addition, the Faculty has undertaken teaching responsibility for 16 disciplines in subjects such as Technology for Agriculture & Forestry, Herding and Veterinary Sciences, and the Management of Agriculture & Forestry. They are part of the "One-College-Student-for-One-Village Programme" initiated by the Ministry of Education. In total, the School offers more than 120 courses, all of which are supplied with multimedia teaching resources such as printed materials, videos and online services in support of the systematic teaching activities and the learning process.

The School has engaged over one hundred professors to work as chief editors and course presenters, including Lu Liangshu from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Zeng Shimai, a professor at China Agricultural University and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Fan Shaoguang, a professor of Health Science Center in Peking University; and Wen Tiejun from Renmin University of China.

The current approved research projects are:

China Liaoyuan Radio & TV School is mainly responsible for making and broadcasting one 90-minute programme per day on rural practical skills on Channel One and Channel Two of China Educational Television (CETV). Meanwhile, it is also in charge of the buildup of modern distance education teaching resources for China's rural administrators, and rural vocational education, both of which are non-degree education. The Dean of China Liaoyuan Radio & TV School is Ruan Zhiyong, Vice President of OUC. Executive Vice Dean is Xu Dian and Vice Dean is Zhang Zhijun.

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