Establishment and Staff

The OUC School of Agroforestry and Medicine was founded in September 2014.

The present dean of the School is Li Guangde and Feng Li is the vice dean.

The School consists of the Department of Agriculture and Forestry, the Department of Medicine and Pharmacy, and the Administrative Office. In April 2021, the OUC established the Rural Revitalisation College, affiliated with the School. The deputy heads of the Department of Agriculture and Forestry are Li Ruifu and Du Ziyi. The deputy heads of the Department of Medicine and Pharmacy are Wang Yaya and Wang Yan.

Programmes Offered

The School offers Agriculture programmes for the “One College Student Per Village Programme”, including three undergraduate programmes: Horticulture, Rural Regional Development, Landscape Architecture (starting at junior college level); Horticulture and Landscape Architecture(starting from high school level); eight junior college programmes:  Modern Agricultural Economic Management, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, Landscape Technology, Forestry Technology, Horticulture Technology, Facility Agriculture and Equipment, Leisure Agriculture Operation and Management, Intelligent Food Processing Technology.

The School also offers eleven Medicine programmes, including seven undergraduate programmes, i.e. Nursing, Public-service Management (Health Management), Pharmacy, Health Services and Management (starting at junior college level); Nursing, Pharmacy, Health Services Management (starting at high school level); Four junior college programmes, including Nursing, Smart Health and Elder Care Services and Management, Pharmacy, Traditional Chinese Pharmacy.

The School has 27 full-time tutors, two teaching administrative staff, and two staff members for the Rural Revitalisation College. All of our full-time tutors hold senior professional titles or doctorate degrees, with three professors, ten associate professors and fourteen lecturers. In addition, the School has also hired a large number of experts and scholars with profound academic achievements and rich experience to be chief course lecturers and chief editors of textbooks from domestic well-known regular universities, research and medical institutions.

Contact Us

Add.: OUC School of Agroforestry and Medicine (Rural Revitalisation College), No. 75 Fuxing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China 100039

Tel.: 86-10-57519229


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